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Need help treating head tilt!


New Kit
As of 2 days ago, my 4 year old lop developed a slight, but noticeable, head tilt. His appetite, behavior, and balance (aside from when he parascopes) remains the same. (photo attached)
As we all know, many times going to the vet is an expensive journey for something that can be treated at home. But of course, as we also know bunnies are fragile and hard to diagnose. He has chronic ear infections that I shamefully never got around to treating but would like to know the odds of a fully indoor bunny getting EC?
I have a few questions to help me diagnose and treat my baby:
1) Would treating using Baytril and Panacur be a safe option/ are there any negative effects if its just an ear infection and not EC?
2) Would I be doing harm simply treating for an ear infection and not getting him tested for EC first?
3) What treatment plan do you recommend (with dosages/instructions) also how do I get my hands on meds without prescription (In in LA)
Any other advice is very very welcomed as I just want the best for my baby (and when possible my bank account)
Thank you all!


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The only way to safely obtain a diagnosis and appropriate treatment is by consulting a Vet. Indoor Rabbits are no less prone to EC than are outdoor Rabbits. EC is usually contracted in the uterus of the mother. The parasite being shed but dormant spores remain circulating in the bloodstream. Sometimes they never erupt and cause symptoms. In other cases they do erupt into various cells causing inflammation and cellular damage. This causes the clinical symptoms. The symptoms can present at any time during the Rabbits life, often during a time of concurrent physiological stress.

Chronic otitis externa left untreated can progress to otitis media. I suspect this is the most likely case for your Rabbit, but without consulting a Vet for appropriate diagnostics it’s impossible to be sure.

Obtaining prescription only medication from dodgy websites is dangerous and illegal. You can never know that the drug you are buying really is what it’s supposed to be.

So in short my advice is to consult a Vet ASAP. It is what is needed to meet the welfare needs of the pet you are responsible for.
I know the vet can be expensive, but that's really the best place for your bunny right now. The vet can diagnose your bunny and answer all these questions for you. Getting meds without a prescription and going at it on your own is really not recommended and is dangerous for your bunny. You and we lack the knowledge of a vet specialised in rabbits, and we can't help you the way a vet can. This really can't be treated at home. I'm sending a lot of vibes for your bunny.
Agree with the others, he could also be in pain so needs to be assessed appropriately. You can always ask your vet to write you out a prescription and order online to save costs but I can speak from experience here - I adopted a rabbit that hadn't had a fully treated ear infection and it left him disabled for life and also shortened his life quite considerably so I would urge you to seek a vet appt ASAP.