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My male bunny has recently started mounting his bonded companion CONSTANTLY

We have 2 bunnies frankie & ruby. They are both fixed and have been bonded since may 2023. They get on perfectly frankie is the excited nosey bunny and ruby is the more timid and lethargic bunny. Just recently frankie has started constantly trying to mount Ruby, she will always move away whenever he does it and where it’s so constant we are feeling sorry for ruby as she can’t seem to get a break! This has been going on for a week now. They are both eating, drinks & toileting as normal. They are booked into the vets on Tuesday for a check up as we think it’s best to just rule out the fact one of them could be unwell. Does anyone have any advice on what might be going on. Or how are can slow it down and give ruby abit of a break. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!:thumb: