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Mouth Ulcers and Pus

It sounds like she is moving in the right direction eating grass and being in better spirits.
My dental bunny is a dwarf which made him more prone to dental issues.
A Lily update...we decided to proceed with a CT scan, because she has been in good spirits, but still unable to eat hay. We need to get to the bottom of it and understand what our options are.

We drove 2 hours to our exotic vets for the scan. A bit of a wildcard was that the vet inspected her before the CT, and found two matching abscesses on her elbows..one on each! She is well bonded with her sister, they never fight, the elbows obviously aren't in contact with the ground like hocks are...I can't think what could have caused it. He said it could be linked to whatever is going on in her mouth/with her teeth somehow. Hopefully the CT will give the answers.

Has anyone heard of similar before? I'm struggling to stay positive...I'm so scared that this will all be for nothing and whatever is going on with Lily will be too bad to 'fix' :(
Poor Lily. I have known of cases of Pasteurellosis present with spontaneous abscesses as the main symptom. The Rabbit has often had a history of respiratory tract infections (‘snuffles’) during there lifetime

‘’ If the rabbit is suffering from a severe form of the bacterium, then they may also go on to develop other problems. Some rabbits have developed abscesses, which may be evident almost anywhere on the body; they will appear as swelling and if they are discharging, they will have a foul smell and be moist, making the fur matted. Some rabbits may be totally unaffected by them, for other they may be painful. Other rabbits may develop problems such as osteomyelitis (infection in the bone), meningitis (inflammation of part of the brain) or myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle)’’

Full text:

https://forestvets.co.uk/wp-content...rial disease,group of upper respiratory signs.

Sending lots of vibes for her