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Mouth Breathing


Wise Old Thumper
Below is a video of a rabbit mouth breathing:

Mouth breathing in rabbits is an emergency and requires immediate veterinary attention. Rabbits are obligate nasal breathers (nose breathers) and breathing through the mouth indicates a struggle to breathe. The head tilted back is an attempt to get more air into the lungs. The rabbit above is a Rex with cardiac failure who lived five months after this video was taken with the appropriate medication from her vet.

Mouth breathing normally indicates an underlying health condition, such as heart problems, a thymoma (tumor on the thymus in the chest), or severe respiratory tract disease. Whilst there is lots of information on the forum about the causes of mouth breathing, only a vet can provide the necessary tests and give a diagnosis for your rabbit.
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:cry::cry::cry: I know how hard it must be for you to see that video, but I'm sure you know it will be of great help to people.

Buddies - can one of you sticky this? I think it might be useful for people.

Hope you're having fun terrorising the Bridge little Oidiche.

:cry: Thank you for posting this video, I wasn't sure that this was what Boris did when he was poorly, but he was sitting exactly like that every time he had been having a coughing or sneezing fit :cry: He was on antibiotics for over a month and is now a healthy boy again :) apart from some scarring in his lungs :cry:
Buddies can't sticky but I have reported it so a mod sees it because this is a very sad but very useful video.

*squishes Coineanach*
Buddies can't sticky but I have reported it so a mod sees it because this is a very sad but very useful video.

*squishes Coineanach*

I've popped a link to this thread in the thread called Old Useful Topics - Health. http://forums.rabbitrehome.org.uk/showthread.php?297802-Old-Useful-Topics-Health (You'll also find it in the list of stickies in the Health section.) There are so many useful threads we thought it best to have them all in one thread for easy reference. :D

Thank you for putting this thread up, Coineanach, it must be hard for you but it will be very helpful to other members. xx