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Lost my boy :,(


Warren Scout
Here for some comfort from others. My beautiful boy Roger died in my arms on New Year’s Eve. He was a rescue boy who we’d had 6 years, we think he was just 8. My heart feels broken and empty. He leaves behind his two friends. He was such a character and the most binky-mad and zoomy bun I’ve ever had. The vet couldn’t find anything wrong and he was booked for further tests on 2nd jan when everything was reopening but he didn’t make it that far. I could tell his body was giving up and I held him while he passed. I hope he felt warm, safe and loved. I don’t know where to put myself at the moment. Heartbroken. I miss him so much it’s not the same without him 😭💔
I'm so very sorry that you have lost Roger. I hope that you can take some comfort, in that he died peacefully in your arms, knowing that he was safe and loved. Sweet dreams Roger, and sending you a big hug xx
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Oh Elaine I am so very sorry to read of your tragic loss 😢💔😢 I can completely understand how devastated you feel. Maybe you can take some comfort in knowing that he was able to pass at home in a safe and familiar environment.

Perhaps at some stage in the future you might feel able to draw a portrait of your boy. I am looking at the one you did of Inspector Morse right now. I find it does help to have lots of tangible memorials to a much loved Pet whom we have lost in their physical form.

RIP Roger Rabbit xx ❤️💔😢💔❤️
Very sad news. As has already been said, I hope you can find some comfort in knowing that he died in your arms. They leave such a large hole because they are such a large part of our lives. 😢
I am so sorry you lost your binky-mad and zoomie bunny,Roger.
Passing in your arms had to be very traumatic for you, yet comforting for him.
Sending you huge hugs and hugs for his bunny friends too.
Thank you all so much for your replies. It means a lot hearing from others who understand. They take a piece of our hearts with them. I still can’t believe he’s gone, and how much of an empty space he’s left.
Thank you also to inspectormorse, that’s lovely to hear how you treasure your painting. I have painted Roger before but I’d like to do another with his friends, once I can look at his photos without crying x