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Kale/vegetables in general with black or white spots on


New Kit
Bit of a two part question I’m looking for opinions on, it relates specifically to kale but I guess applies to all vegetables.

so I’ve noticed recently a lot of the shop bought sliced kale I’ve been buying has black spots on the leaves, is this a problem for bunnies? It doesn’t look great and I do pull out the most obvious bits but if this gets eaten is that an issue?

Also have noticed a few times white dust on some leaves which I assume is mildew. I have to be honest and say I’ve just thrown the whole bag away when I see this as it doesn’t feel like it’s worth the risk incase it is mould or mildew. Is that most likely what it is and is it best to not risk feeding?
I don't generally buy bagged greens. I do grow a fair bit on the allotment. Random spots on leaves are fairly normal there - I don't use herbicides or pesticides and they also get battered with the weather. I wouldn't be particularly worried by the odd spot / mark. Anything that smells musty / mouldy or is distinctly furry (when it shouldn't be) would go back on the compost heap and not be fed to the beasties.