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Just making sure this is 'legal' on the forum


Young Bun
Hey everyone! I just joined! Super happy to be part of this forum!

But my question is: Is it okay to discuss breeding on this forum? I had to leave another forum because it didn't allow people to talk about breeding because it is 'unethical'. However, I love my bunnies and their babies! My breeding practice is tiny and is centered around the welfare of my 2 parent bunnies! They're not bred for meat, either (ugh, I shy away from the thought), but as well trained and friendly Dutch bunny pets. I am new to rabbit breeding though, so I've got a few questions about it. Is it okay if I ask them here?

Also, dumb question, but it's okay if I live in the US to be on this forum, right?

Thanks a bunch!
Welcome. The forum is mainly UK based, but there are members from the US and other countries - it's not an issue.
Not sure you will get much advice on breeding as it's a rescue forum, but some members will have some experience or know where to look.

We do like pics of the bunnies as well.
We certainly have members from outside the UK. However, I don’t think this is the right forum for you as we are not breeders and so would be unlikely to have common interests.
Ok, thanks for the info! I'll stay anyway to ask/give advice on other general rabbit questions. :)

Ooops, I didn't catch earlier that it was a rescue forum. My guess it's still okay to be here, even though my bunnies aren't rescues?

Shimmer, what did you mean by pictures of the bunnies?
I am from US as are others, and found the members here to be very welcoming.

My bunnies are a mix of rescue bunnies and two purchased bunnies who needed a good home too.

Many of us like to post stories and photos of our bunnies. Mine are indoor bunnies who are fine with most human contact.

Do not take offense if anyone points out the health and behavior benefits of neutering/spaying.
RU isn't a rescue forum. The intention when it was formed was to improve welfare for all rabbits. Of course, over time, this has meant that a large proportion of members are either involved in rescue or very pro-rescue themselves.... there are so many rabbits in rescues in the UK (and the US I imagine) that lots of us feel like it wouldn't be right to contribute to that by breeding ourselves, or supporting it.

It's not so much that you wouldn't be welcome (everyone should have access to information on how to improve their rabbits' welfare), but more that there aren't many members who would be able to help with queries you might have re. breeding.