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Hi everybody. I have just joined the forum. I don't currently have any rabbits. I used to have 3 rabbits some years back and ever since they died from old age like all animals do I've never stopped missing them and recently I decided its time to get some more so I've created a bunny setup and I'm currently looking for some rescue bunny's. There are a few more things I need to do like covering up the internet cable outside with some wood and generally a few little jobs which wont take long.

I have been looking and there seems to be thousands of Mini Lops and Highland Dwarfs which I'm not really interested in. I know that might sound harsh but I want the same breeds I had before. I had a Rex bunny, a Continental Giant and a Dutch rabbit.

I'm hoping to get some by Christmas.
Welcome to RU. Lovely to hear you're welcoming buns back in to your life & that your rescuing too. I hope you find some lovely rabbits soon
Hi welcome to the forum :wave: that's really great news that you are considering adopting rescue bunnies. Good luck, please let us know how you get on, and in the meantime enjoy looking round the forum :D
Hello and welcome. I think you are taking a calm measured sensible approach to the-adopting bunnies. Looking round forums will give you loads of advice and guidance.
I would let your heart guide you - rescue centres are a great place to find rabbits who deserve a second chance and a forever home.
Feel free to join in the forum chat and I look forward to hearing updates.
Welcome to the forum, where abouts are you area wise as someone may e able to recommend a few he that may have dutches in or rexes near you

It's sad to see all the mini lops and Netherland dwarfs lately in rescue
Rather than going by breed you’d be better going off personality, you could be missing out on your perfect rabbits by dismissing them due to breed. Whereabouts are you?
I'm in the London area. I've found a Dutch rabbit in need of a new home and I've messaged the seller so I'll wait until I get a reply and go from there.