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Hutch recommendations

Hi all, I was an active member here alot of years ago looking back I was very much a kid then, I used to have quite a few rabbits mainly shop bought. Anyways its been a fair few years since I've had a rabbit as I started a family but my kids are 10 and 12 now. I'm looking at getting 2 (most likely rescues) before I even start looking at rabbits I want to make sure I know what housing I'm looking at, I know rabbits also need free range time.

Also can you have rabbits and chickens free range at the same time? I feel like that's a silly question but it would help me with organising a schedule etc. If they can't.

I won't be getting any rabbits until I feel I'm all caught up with care and knowledge.

I can't improve on Jane's links.:)
I wouldn't let rabbits and hens share the same ground - both could free range, but on their own plots. Or provide them each with a decent size aviary type pen - which has added advantages of keeping predators out.