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Ways to keep hay low to the ground without being peed on?


Warren Veteran
Looking for some ideas! I am trying to find a way to keep my rabbits hay low to/on the ground without it getting peed on. My two rabbits currently have a very large mesh hay rack hung above their litter tray so lots of bits of hay stick out and they have to reach up a little to get it but one has had a few ulcers from hay in his eye and the other has a chronic eye infection and I regularly find him with bits of hay stuck around his eyes which won't be helping. I can't just put it in the litter tray because despite it being very large they wee all over it not just in one corner and it goes to waste. I've looked online at the hanging hay bags with the holes at the very bottom but all the ones I've found are really small and my rabbits would probably empty it within an hour or two or chew the holes wider. I'm thinking of trying to DIY some holes at the bottom of a plastic box or maybe cutting up some old eyelet curtains and making a hay bag out of those. Has anyone done something similar or come up with another solution?
Large underbed storage boxes can work well, as they are fairly shallow, inexpensive and are easy for bunnies to hop in and out of. Either newspaper or litter at the bottom, with hay on top, means they can chew and poo at the same time 😊