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John-Joe + Roisin U/D 4th May


Wise Old Thumper
For the last 3 days me and our Vet have been doing all we can to try to help both JJ and Roisin, this is my third ‘night shift’ up with them. JJ has another serious episode of gut stasis with a partial blockage. Surgery not an option as he wouldn’t survive and his gut issues are, in part, a chronic condition that surgery cannot cure. He is being treated medically with a shed load of drugs and fluids.

Roisin started with a flare up of her chronic ‘Snuffles’, but this time the infection is on her lungs too. She is on various meds and nebulising. Thankfully she is still eating, just not as much as usual.

Any vibes would be much appreciated. If I lose two more Rabbits I will only have two left




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Oh no, babies...please get better soon, precious ones. ❤️🙏🩷

Sending vibes and hugs your way, Jane. All nighters are terrible, you must be so tired and worried. Standing by you in spirit. xxxxx
Thank you both. I don’t know what I’d do if my Vet were not also such a good neighbour and friend. She helps me so much.

Both Bunnies remain very poorly, I am trying not to lose hope, but it’s hard :cry:
It must be extra difficult to stay positive when you have to deal with illness, times 2 no less, so soon after having lost Endeavour.
I have confidence in your ability to give them the best possible care so they will recover quickly.
We are here for you Jane and send tons of vibes to your lovely Roisin and handsome John-Joe.
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Omg Jane I'm so sorry :( I'm sending a lot of vibrations in both, Allah give those sweets health as soon as possible amin:( xxx
Both JJ and Roisin are stable at the moment but both still need a lot of hands on care. JJ has started to eat a bit for himself, the first time in almost 4 days. Thankfully Roisin is eating, I never like having to syringe feed a Rabbit with a lung infection.

I am not expecting to see my bed tonight. I am just catching naps in my armchair when I can.

Thank you for all the vibes x
I am glad they are stable, and I hope they will improve soon. Topping up the vibes xx