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Jenna 5-17-08 to 10-9-23

Yes, bunny momma, I truly believe I will not see her like again. 😥

Tomorrow (May 9) it's officially 7 months since you left my life, Bean. Each day, each moment, is harder to bear than the last. Being numb is the only way I can proceed because I have no other choice.

God, I miss you more than I ever thought I could miss anyone. How I wish you could return to me. 😢


The little daisies are back in the garden and you and I should be walking through them together. 😢


I hope wherever you are sleeping now, it's as comfortable as it used to be when you slept in my arms.

Love you always. ❤️💔❤️💔
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So sorry MimzMum, wish I could take your pain away, she was a beautiful little girl, sending you a big hug xx
Happy 16th Birthday my sweet Bean. I've really been missing you in recent days. I wish you were still here, it's lovely weather and we'd be at the beach today.
Brother found these old photos of you on his phone and sent them to me on Mother's Day. I'd actually forgotten how beautiful your eyes were and how silky your fur. 😟

Miss you so much, my love. 😥 xxxxx
Thank you, Pet's mum and Jane. Thank you Jane, for such a lovely image, I've saved it to my gallery. Welling up a bit...I so hope she is at peace in a beautiful place like this. 💔
You were lucky to have each other. She tried so hard to stay with you, so I know she felt the same about you. She is beautiful.