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Inspector Morse~ 2nd February 2014. A Tribute to a Legend

Sending you extra hugs at this difficult time.
Even after nine years his loss is palpable.
He lives in you and will never leave you.
Leaving a gentle hug here for you as you remember your much beloved Inspector. He is and always will be with you and someday you will see one another again. xxxxx

Thank you

I cannot put into words how much I wish he were still here in his physical form. My illness is deteriorating at an alarming rate and I am scared by how dark my thoughts now are. Of course I love my remaining Pets, but The Inspector was unique and the void his passing left seems more apparent now than ever :cry:
I am so sorry you have to face your disabilities without your beloved IM.
He was such a brave boy and an inspiration to us all.
If you think grief has a time limit
you have likely never lost a piece of your heart.
If you think that the days, months and years will somehow erase the extent of the loss, then you have never been unlucky enough to lose a love.
You are blessed, my friend.
For life without that piece of you, is a new life indeed.
It is a new world when the person (Rabbit)you miss is no longer here.
Everything looks different and will never look the same again.
Every day is a mountain to climb, battling the waves of emotion, when a song plays, a smell reminds or a memory rears.
And that never lessens, we only become accustomed to handling it.
To hiding it.
You may think time is healing the hurt, then you enter a new phase of your life; a relationship, a child, a grandchild, a new opportunity, and you realise you cannot share that with your missing part.
The waves bear down fresh, as they were on the very the first day.
If you think grief has a time limit, my friend, you have never lost a piece of your heart.
And for that, you should be truly grateful.
Let the grieving grieve for as long as they must, and if you want to help, just love them more.
Love is the only way.

- Donna Ashworth

Beautiful thoughts for a very dearly loved soul. Thinking of you as you remember our dear Inspector. xxxxx
You find the loveliest quotes and have a special way of editing photos.
I am so sorry you do not have your soul mate when you need him the most. Hugs.
Even after a liver biopsy (hence bald patch on his belly) The Inspector just carried on in his normal Morsey way :love: I would sell my soul to have him back by my side right now :cry::love: :cry:

There's nothing like watching a lop bunny wash his ears. :love:
Bless you both. The Inspector will never leave our hearts. :love::cry: xxxxx
You left quietly without a fuss
You always had a smile to share
A laugh, a joke
A time to care

A wonderful nature
Warm and true
These are the memories
I have of you

A beautiful life
Came to an end
You died as you lived
Everyone’s friend

You gave me year’s of happiness
Then sorrow came with tears
You left me lovely memories
I will treasure through the years.

Dorothy Frances Gurney