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Inspector Morse~ 2nd February 2014. A Tribute to a Legend


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This thread is for Morse, it has to reflect everything that he represented in life. To post about how his passing has effected me would detract from all of that.

Inspector Morse came to me in 2006. He was from a Breeder of English Lops and Rexes. From the very start it was obvious that Morse was a unique Rabbit. He had a wonderful, fun loving and kind character. He loved absolutely everything about life. Well, except for car travel. That he hated with a passion.

In 2007 Morse was bonded with Big Libby. She was still a baby and had been badly burned and abused by a vile Backyard Breeder. Morse and Big Libby spent over 6 happy years together until Libby's sad passing last year.

For at least the last 5 years Morse suffered with recurrent ear infections. This became a chronic disease which required a lot of treatment, some under GA. Despite all this Morse remained his usual cheerful self. On only a very few occasions did he become depressed. He only stopped eating on a couple of occasions in his entire life.

To add to his ear problems Morse eventually developed congestive heart failure and then an inoperable tumour in his intestines. How he remained so up beat, content and happy I really dont know. He ate like a horse, I have never known a Rabbit able to pack away so much food. Over the last year Morse has come back from the brink on numerous occasions. He confounded all of us and left us in awe of his sheer joy at being alive. It made no difference to him that his body was very frail and broken. His spirit was strong and determined, NOTHING was going to be allowed to get him down.

But yesterday was different. Within two short hours it became obvious he had no strength left to fight. He lay down and just told me he had to go. He made no fuss, no dramatics, just a peaceful message that I heard loud and clear. I of course listened to his request and acted on it immediately.

C helped Morse to pass in the most tranquil and pain free way. He simply fell asleep in my arms.

The following photos only show a fraction of how special Inspector Morse was and always will be. My world.









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A very moving tribute to a fantastic rabbit Jane. Those photos really made me smile, as photos of Morse always did. It is clear from the twinkle in his eye what a special rabbit he truly was

Binky free Morse, free from pain and together with Big Libby at the bridge xxx
He, a hero among rabbits. You, a hero for him (and a lot if us, to be fair).

He was one in a million and leaves a hole, not only in your heart, but in ours too.

Farewell friend. If you can inMorsetigate what my bunny crew is doing, and report back, that would be grand. Please keep them in check (or else take the Badgers, the Skys, the Summers and wreak chaos). The Bridge won't know what's hit it.


Morse touched my life and made me smile. I will miss him so much. :cry:

Thinking of you Jane and sending ((((((((((huge hugs))))))))).

Sweet dreams Inspector. xxxx
An amazing tribute to an incredibly strong, determined and beautiful rabbit. The photographs are wonderful and demonstrate what a fantastic life he had with you and the remarkable bond that you shared.

Dear dear Inspector Morse, you will never be forgotten, you will be the brightest star in the sky. Enjoy yourself at the bridge with your body refreshed and new, Big Libby will there for you but please remember to watch over your mummy.

And finally Jane, I know we have never met but my heart really does go out for you and if there is absolutely anything I can do, please let me know, take care xxx
One in a million. Can hardly believe he is gone My thoughts will be with you today and in the coming weeks and months
I'm so sorry to read this Jane. Binky free Inspector, you were so loved & will be deeply missed.
Look after yourself Jane