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How much do your VHD vaccs cost ?

Ours cost about £15 each, which I think i sreally reasonable. I think the vaccine they used is called cylap which I know is not the most up to date though xx
Mine is around £20 for VHD and Myxi, but you get a discount when you get both (with the 2 week wait in between)

I think I should get a discount for taking all 6 there!!
£14something for the lapinject vaccine. I won't let them have cylap

Great that you get a choice. :roll:

It's about £15 per jab but you get discount if you pay for 2 at the same time (i.e. myxi and VHD)
I know someone who pays £3.75 per bun for their VHD jabs. :) She does them herself though after being taught by the vet. She is a breeder so has quite a lot of buns to take to the vet. :) Oh... forgot not many people on here like them :roll: Even though this person is lovely and does care about her buns, vaccinating them all is proof of this. :D
I took Peanut to the vets the other day for her VHD and when it came to pay I was charged £46 :shock: I queried it and they told me that they do the VHD and Myxi as one payment Phew! So I've actually already paid for the Myxi jab even though she hasn't had it yet. Was a bit if a shock at first to say the least!