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Help Leics to SheffieldSorted & Done!


Wise Old Thumper
Is anyone able to help get a pair of long term piggies to their new home?

if so please reply on thread or pm me thanks:D
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Is this sorted now?
If not - how close to the M1 are they at each end? I'll be travelling from Nottingham to Leeds on Sunday afternoon and could fit in a little detour.
this looks to be arranged for sunday thanks to two lovely people :D
just waiting for Rebecca to come along and confirm
Thank you everyone. Just waiting for confirmation that I've got the transport sorted getting the piggies from Esupi to me.

Can't wait to meet these two special little piggies. The house isn't a home without bunnies and cats, and I've now realised that it's also it a home without noisy guinea pigs so I'm looking forward to hearing them at night.

Thank you :wave: