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Hello New bun mom


New Kit
Hi I have just gotten a male rabbit called Latte 😊 he is being kept as a house rabbit. Now I see even as a house rabbit he will be better with his own friend rather than just us as company? 😊


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Hi welcome to the forum 👋 Latte looks well named, beautiful colours 😊 Yes bunnies like to have a friend of their own kind, maybe this is something you can think about once he's settled in. Hope you enjoy looking round the forum, shout up if you need help or advice on anything, and let us know how Latte is doing, we'd love to see more of him 😊
Hello and welcome. Latte looks to be a super little bunny. Yes, you're absolutely right, bunnies are happiest with other bunnies. It's also very lovely to watch bonded rabbits interacting with each other. There's lots of good information here https://rabbitwelfare.co.uk/