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General Rabbit Chat

Snuggles on my lap. She is very calm and I can groom her too this way very easily. Ignore the cage in the background it isn't for keeping rabbits in, its a temporary bird cage.P1010493.JPGP1010490.JPGP1010491.JPGP1010489.JPG

I don't normally put rabbits on there back but Snuggles doesn't mind it however since reading the info I don't do this anymore. I just have to find another way to do Snuggles grooming.

I noticed that Booboo has grown some more in the last few months but he don't like cuddles anymore and he has found a new way to get over the baby gate by running up the side of the door frame and over the gate. Its quite genius how he does it so I have to put up a big piece of wood on it at night.