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General Rabbit Chat

Lord Trellis

Mama Doe
Booboo formerly known as Lucky seems to be very intelligent and knows my commands. During the night when his making noise like for example digging at the baby gate wanting to get into my bedroom at 3am I would say the word stop and he stops or I would say stop it or be quiet, he stops. None of my other bunnies respond to me other than Booboo. I've been very impressed with his progress recently.

Some good news regarding Oreo... her eye has almost fully healed now and she is looking much better.

Bugs had been tearing out Snuggles fur recently but has since stopped. The problem with Snuggles is she sits there and lets Bugs do it because she is so genital and docile and she doesn't try to get away. Bugs had a phantom pregnancy a couple of days ago which quickly wore off.

Some photos of Bugs having her phantom pregnancy... All bunnies are spayed and neutered.

I'm glad Oreo's eye is healing and all the bunnies are okay. And she's a great girl, so beautiful mashallah😍😍
Snuggles and Booboo are so adorable, they are always together, whenever I get up in the night they are snuggling together, Booboo is always there being groomed by Snuggles. Those two are inseparable its adorable to watch them. They have a very close bond.
I don't think there is much I could do, the fact its been going on for a number of years and they are known for selling sick birds I expect I'm not the first person to report it. I will just have to see.
This morning I found lots of dry blood on the floor, I've checked all the bunnies to see if any of them had got an injury but I can't see anything on either of the bunnies, I thought maybe its from from one of there toe nails or something, the bunnies all seem to be happy and running about so I don't really know. It looks like it sprayed.
Honestly this is very worrying, maybe you could hold each one and examine them in detail in the mirror, I hope it's not about the rabbits ☹️
Its defiantly blood. It was red.

I've checked all the bunnies but I didn't find anything at all on them. None of them have dark pee either... its a mystery. My only guess is that maybe one of the bunnies caught or snagged a toe nail, and it bleed that is all I can think of, unless it came from a mouse or something.
I am unsure what you mean by a lot of blood. I hope you are right and one ripped a toenail, though I would also watch litterbox for clots of blood in pee in case a bunny has a stone, sludge, or infection.
Sending vibes all remain fine.
Just an update, there has been no more blood and all rabbits are fine. There are mice about in the area. There is a good chance I probably have a mouse or two in my home.
Oreo has had so much energy over the past few days running about and wanted to get into places she can't. She was pulling at the baby gate all night.