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Eddy & Boo

sorry i forgot to thank everyone for their lovely comments. She's always been a serious, serial flopper.

I'm not sure if it was on this thread but a while back I was twittering about Eddy being 5. Bad math on my part. He was estimated to be 2 when rescued, we've almost had him 2 years, 6 months or so with fosterer - maybe less. So if his estimated age of 2 was correct he's now 4 and a bit years. For some reason that feels better
Gosh, Eddy, a lot of people would envy you for losing 20% of your age like that. I'm glad it feels better knowing he's probably actually only 4 and a bit instead of 5. I think we should have an Eddy photo to celebrate. 🥰
Boo receiving physical & emotional support from Black & White Rabbit this morning

20240408_084922 (1).jpg

note her nose stripe is off on an unseasonal journey to new territory 🤣

Aww, nice to see that Boo and Black & White Rabbit had some supportive bonding time. 😍 Looks like Boo was definitely winning that wrestling match. :ROFLMAO: That's a very unique nose stripe situation she has there, too.
Aw what beautiful photos, and lovely to see B&W bunny looking so well. Looks like she has Eddy in a headlock there 🤣