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Do bunnies like sand baths?


Warren Scout
when I had hamsters they had sand baths/boxes of sand and they liked to roll around in the sand and it was so cute do bunnies like sand boxes/baths
No, bunnies don't need sand baths. Sand could get in their eyes. Try soil or shredded paper.

Surely they would dig in sandy areas in the wild? I agree that earth is fine. My indoor lot have shredded paper to dig in but will be giving them a large earth filled dig box once they go outside.

Bunnie I love the way hamsters roll around in sand. Wish rabbits did like to do that!!! Mind you they do plenty of cute things fortunately :love:
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Bunnies like rolling around in soil. However I would be a bit more cautious with sand. I have 3 chinchillas and when they have a sand bath it makes my indoor bunny sneeze, so I personally think that the sand is too fine for rabbits. Chinchillas automatically shut their nostrils tight when they are having a sand bath but I am not sure rabbits can.