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Diagnosis little old lady

Cool. So is it a case of apply it & hopefully everything comes out easier cos its looser? Is it a problem if its all loosened up but can't make its way out?

I am gutted I couldn't be in that consult based solely on not getting the satisfaction of seeing what came out of her ear
I'm so glad she's doing okay [emoji7][emoji7]

Yea damn, I'd have wanted to see that [emoji38][emoji38] my Vet saves everything, even Clementines bladder sludge to show me [emoji38]

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Of course Mouseypie is doing well - she is the bested!

My bridge bun Charlie couldn’t clean his ears due to spine problem and I had to pick out big pieces of hard wax with tweezers. I felt really sorry for doing it to him.

Dennis can sometimes groom his ears but may take a few tumbles beforehand.

I am so glad Mouse is well and happy xx

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I have a theory that it's because she's a bit happier within herself now that she has Joey visits. Whatever it is, it is certainly good news :)
Wonderful news from such a gorgeous charismatic lady of the forum. Mousiepie always brings a smile to my face and she’s living the good life as she deserves to. It’s always a good day when mouseypie is on the forum.
Well done mousey. I think you deserve a special mommy treat. :love:
thanks all. I agree Omi, she has been having daily visits from joey for about 6 weeks now & is definitely benefitting. She is brighter & he's sorted her eyes.

Here she is this evening, pulling plantain tongues at loganberry