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~Candle Ceremony 2019~ In Loving Memorial of Friends Never Forgotten

Thinking of all those who have lost family members this year.

After the 6 losses I had in 2018, 2019 didn't let up any.

Lost in 2019:

14.01.19 Erin, aged 11. She gave up after Elijah was no longer with her and joined him 26 days later.

09.02.19 My Dad. 89 years old.

29.03.19 Benji. Just over five years old.

08.06.19 Alma. Not quite two years old.

24.09.19 Lolly. Five years old.

It's been another incredibly tough year. :cry:
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Remembering my beautiful bridge buns Bam and Charlie, Toby and Millie. I still can't believe I lost my two beautiful happy young bunnies Toby and Millie. I find this time of year particularly hard. There will always be a Toby shaped hole in my heart. Love to everyone remembering somebun special this evening xx

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Remembering Cottonball, the toughest little ham around xx

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