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Brko 15.3.2024


Warren Scout
Yesterday he was hoping, yesterday he was eating and yesterday he seemd fine...Was he? Was there any sign? I don't know and I'm one of the owners who run to the vet with rabbit when hair does not fit right....

This morning everything was wrong. I was about to give him meds. He was in the his litter, he was strugling to breath, head up, never down...and before I could get him to the vet he died at home. Last time stroked. He was my champion, he was warriour. He fought and win so manny battles.

So sorry to hear this. I'm sure you didn't miss any signs. I'm really no expert, but it sounds heart-related to me, so it would be sudden.
I am so sorry to read that you have lost your brave Brko. Sleep tight little man.
I am so sorry for your loss. With such a sudden change there often nothing that can be done. He passed knowing he was loved. He was lucky to be in your care.
I'm so sorry you lost your little man ❤️ i agree with sarah, it sounds like you missed nothing & what took him was quick - mercifully for him but a horrible shock for you :(

Sweet dreams Brko xx
My deepest sympathies on Brko's passing. Losing an animal friend so quickly is such a terrible shock, but as others have said it was likely unpreventable. I'm so very sorry for your pain. 😥😥😥

Sleep peacefully, dear Brko. xxxxx
I'm so very, very sorry you lost Brko today, and so sudden and unexpectedly, too... How heartbreaking. With how attentive you've always been with your bunnies, I don't believe you missed any sign. It doesn't sounds like there was anything you could've done, sadly. I'm really so sorry. Sweet dreams, Brko. ❤️
Thank you all. Brko was a hero and a fighter. And we miss him terribly. Even though Sherlock was not bonded to Brko, he misses that little bit of company through fence.
I know how difficult it s to lose a special bunny. I hope memories of him will help to ease your pain, and hope Bobi will give Sherlock the company he needs.