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Bonding 24/7


I am in the process of adopting a rabbit friend from a rescue. They have recommended 24/7 bonding but I’m unsure how this works? What about sleeping, eating, doing other things etc? Does it really need to be 24/7 or can you nip away to do other things for small periods of time?

Concerned how this is going to fit in with life.
Hello, the short answer I'm afraid is yes, definitely. The bunnies need to be constantly observed as they could suddenly become aggressive and start to fight, in which case they need to be separated at once. Bunnies can do a lot of damage to each other. It's easier if there are two of you, or at least someone else who can take over for trips to the loo, eating food etc.

Sometimes a rescue will offer to do the bonding for you in return for a small fee.

Have a look at these threads for some advice

Please don't hesitate to ask more questions :)
thats good to hear you're adopting a bun friend.

I've done a fair bit of bonding & I have done the 24/7 thing when its been an easy bond but when I don't think they are settled enough to leave, I do split mine up because I simply can't stay awake all night anymore. I'd rather they be safe, even if it is a small step backwards. I know its commonly said that splitting them up means they have to re-start the process every time they are put together but I've always succeeded (apart from my attempt at quad bonding when I wouldn't have felt safe leaving them) & never experienced a broken bond further down the line.

If you can do 24/7 that's brilliant but if you can't do beat yourself up, just devote as much time as you can to it. If you've someone to help that would make life a lot easier as you can do shifts

Many of my rabbits have bonded so well I haven't had to do 24 hours before I know they'll be ok. It all depends how well they are matched.

I hope it goes well. Check back if you need any support
I've bonded quite a few pairs and try to do 24/7. In one case one rabbit was particularly nervous and he wouldn't eat or relax at the start so I did separate them (in neighbouring dog crates) overnight and for him to have breaks until he settled enough to do 24/7.

To try and make things easier if you have a neutral space that's comfortable try and set up the pen there, we actually tend to use the kitchen/diner then I could prepare food and sleep on an airbed in the front room very close by. I'm a light sleeper so would wake if any noise, also a ball/rattle type toy left in the pen that would make a noise if the rabbits were fighting providing they wouldn't get territorial over it. Is there some one you live with that could help so you can take breaks?
When we did it there was 2 of us most of the time, but any brief periods when we had to leave them we had it setup so we could just slide a wire divider in for those few minutes, so they weren't disturbed and weren't moved. Maybe an option rather than having to literally split them into crates or similar?