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Mama Doe
My mum broke the news today that Bluebell escaped last week. My dad went to feed them as usual and she must have snuck past him without him realising. He thought she had gone to the back of the enclosure. Next morning he realised and has been beside himself. No sign of her in the garden so a fox has likely got her.
We are all devastated. She was 11 and healthy. But my poor dad cannot forgive himself. Yes it's upsetting but we are not perfect so I'm not angry just a bit in shock. Unfortunately I keep having flashes of what might have happened in my head so I'm having a little cry now.

My little Bluebell. I'm sorry I couldn't have you with me in my new house. I'm sorry i couldn't give you a nose rub and a fuss lately. I feel guilty I'd not seen you and Lilly much recently. I know your 'Just a rabbit' to many but i will mis you. Lilly keeps coming to the front of the hutch looking for you but seems happy for some human fussing. She'll be coming in the house for winter so won't be lonely. Bye my little Blue 💔
this is sad. I hope your dad can forgive himself, as you say accidents can & do happen. I really feel for you all. Sweet dreams Bluebell xx
I am so sorry you lost Bluebell. Your dad knew how much Bluebell meant to you and he is lucky to have such a loving and understanding child.

Hugs for you and Lilly.

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Oh, how incredibly tragic... I'm so very sorry you lost your dear Bluebell, and in such a way, too. And your poor dad, I hope he can forgive himself someday. Sweet dream, little Bluebell.