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Baby bunny!! *NJORD!!!*


Alpha Buck
This little chappy came home today!! He is a second cousin of Freja, 4 months old and just beautiful. We were very keen - in the absence of giants in rescue (and strong reasons for not wanting to go smaller) to get another from the same place as they breed to improve the breed and get healthy rabbits, not just to sell or have the biggest or fancy colours. Travelled well in his crate, and then had a little explore of his new home before disappearing into his next box to destress.
We've got a bunnycam on him, and he's been out eating and exploring again, and thankfully doesn't seem bothered by the fireworks going off.
Still looking for his proper name, currently known as Luggage the Lugomorph thanks to my husband 😂😂😬

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He looks lovely :love: I hope he settles well.

Is his fur the same colour as Freya's?
He looks lovely :love: I hope he settles well.

Is his fur the same colour as Freya's?

Yes, he's a dark steel (so I'm told!) so far so he is likely to be very very similar to her. I just hope we can tell them apart when he's grown up!!
His mum won Scottish Champion last weekend 😮
Been watching him on he bunny cam all night and he's having a nice little party exploring everywhere, been up on the boxes, in the litter tray, thrown his food bowl across the room. He's going to be fun!!!
Aww, he's beautiful! I can't believe he's just a baby; he's already so big! It sounds like he's already feeling at home, aww. 🥰 Your husband's name idea is very creative, haha.
With those big beautiful ears I am surprised he was ok with the fireworks!
Sending you lots of positive vibes that he settles nicely in his new home.
I need to get some videos and photos sorted but my goodness I am in love!! We gave him 24hrs with very little disturbance, when we put him to bed Saturday night he would poke his head out the hole to take little bits of kale, but no more and we didn't push it. Yesterday evening I took a friend who was passing to see if he could see him and he came straight over for food, no worries at all!! Last night he spent ages climbing on us, being stroked in small doses, eating from our hands and even tried to steal hubby's hanky from his pocket 😆He is so bold and brave it's amazing.
Bunnycam has shown lots of zoomies, grooming, snoozing, yawning, exploring, eating. I made him some toys last night, just boxes of hay with pellets hidden inside and things like that, and he's had fun exploring them.
He's amazing. Just need to very slowly introduce a few more greens so we have something to work with, he's used to kale and a bit of carrot but we're used to feeding handfuls of all sorts of herbs and greens, the other two are mostly fresh fed, but I don't want to risk upsetting his tummy with too many new things too quickly.
Aww, it sounds like he's doing really well! 🥰 That's so wonderful that he's already brave enough to come up to you and climb on you and even try to steal your husbands hanky, haha. He sounds really happy. 🥰 Are you closer to coming up with a name for him?
We have a couple of "proper" names but he's still commonly known as Luggage!! Poor little guy 😆
He's such a dude. Last night he was so brave and actually walked all the way onto my lap for a while, from the box next to us. Today he had a bramble leaf, so he now has small amounts of dandelion, strawberry leaf, cow parsley and bramble. I'm scared of rushing it but he does enjoy them so much!! He's like Freja though, very much enjoys his hay and readigrass (we use it in their litter trays) and hasn't developed the sweet tooth that Odin came with so we will make sure he stays that way and not have the battles we've had with Odin over a healthy diet!!
He still seems incredibly dinky to us, I can't imagine him getting as big as Freja right now but he should easily match her in size eventually.
(Excuse my fleecy pjs!!)

It is great he trusts you already and he is not a fussy eater. It id so important he trusts you.
If your pj's were not fuzzy before he was on your lap, they would be now!
He really is lovely, those ears ❤️ so pleased he's settling in well.
Those ears are responsible for his current name, we had looked at some other rabbits as part of our search whose ears didn't seem big enough for a conti and when I showed hubby the photo our breeder sent his first response was "my god look at the lugs!!!". He spent the 2 weeks after we'd agreed to take him asking me when Luggage is coming home, when are you going to get Luggage. I promptly said we are not calling him Luggage!
We're finding it very difficult to call him anything else now, but it will NOT be his proper name, I have promised him!!