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Baby bunny!! *NJORD!!!*

He looks like he is trying to hide behind his box. He is growing before our eyes!
I'm going mad trying to decide if he's growing enough, these big guys are so hard to size properly, they always seem huge in photos, but smaller in real life, or huge in real life but small in photos!! His back end has certainly grown, he needs to grow into his back feet just now 😁He's like a kangaroo!!
Baby Lugs (Njord, Njordicle, Luggage) has gone to be neutered today, just dropped him off. Bit delayed due to Freja's issues, and not without some trepidation given my current record with health and animals, but he's in good hands. At least he's had a bit longer with hormones to grow strong.
And he's a very healthy 5.55kg, nice to know how big he is finally!! I think he'll be about the same as Odin once he's done growng.
Calming and healing thoughts and nose boops would be gratefully received!


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Thankfully he came through great, didn't eat at the vets unsurprisingly but I put him straight in a clean litter tray (they have big dog beds with readigrass over straw pellets) and he immediately nibbled a bit of readigrass. Had a nibble of pear when offered, and another nibble of readigrass shortly after.
Camera shows him sleeping in the tray most of the afternoon, but we left some greens and herbs and they've been nibbles too - they don't tend to eat a lot during the day anyway but it was such a relief to see him eating straight away as you can imagine!!
Back in 2 days for a check, but I'm so so relieved right now.
Gosh, look at those ears! I'm glad his neutering went well and that he started nibbling as soon as he got home. Well done, Njord. 🥰 Sending him lots of healing vibes, and I hope his check up will show he's healing well.