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Alfred bunny - October '21 to 9th July 2022

Craig 1965

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Alfred - dear sweet Alfred.
You came into Flo's life in September 2021. Quite by chance but sometimes in life, the best things happen by chance. You were resident at our local rescue centre, having been rescued from a severe situation. Space and freedom were only something you were able to dream of whilst you waited for a special rabbit to come to you. That special rabbit was Flo, and she was brought to the centre hoping to mend her broken heart as she had lost her companion recently. Flo was anxious and unsure about having to spend time away from us, but when she saw you at the centre, her eyes were drawn to your beautiful presence, your big expressive eyes and your laid back approach to life. Over several weeks, you had special dates with Flo, your calm gentle nature ressuring Flo that you would be there for her and watch out for her. You began to share space, food and snuggles.
After several weeks, the rescue centre felt that you and Flo could come home to us and begin your lives with us.
It was an exciting day for all of us as you both came home. Flo was excited to be back in her familiar surroundings, but this was all new for you and we all hoped you would feel comfortable and relax. You showed confidence when you arrived - you took it all in your big floofy stride. You had never seen a garden or grass before - and now you had a big garden to explore and play in. You took your first steps into a big new exciting world.....
The garden became your playground. The path was your zoomie circuit as you imagined running free and fast round the world. You loved the grass and you would binkey all the time on the grass, sometimes jumping over Flo and at times, encouraging Flo to join in in a game of who can binkey the highest.
As the days grew shorter, you would relax with us in the evenings, sitting with Flo under the table. And, as it neared 8pm (or treat-o'clock), you would sit by the kitchen/living room door waiting for your snuffle mat and grass ball filled with treats and herbs.
You would even squish in between Flo so that you could get to the treats before she did. You even encouraged Flo to perform her one and only back flop - something no one had ever seen before.
As each day passed, you made Flo happier and not only did you help to heal Flo's broken heart, but you also helped to heal my own broken heart. You brought a huge presence, a huge personality. You loved to explore. You always wanted to go higher and higher. You would stand on your very tippy toes to see what was just out of reach.
And you were fearless. The stairs were no match for you - you wanted to know what was up the stairs and you loved to sneak away up the stairs and explore the rooms up there. You had a routine - you wanted to go out of the living room, and into the kitchen via the hall. And if we weren't quick enough, you would tell us to hurry up by digging at the carpet and biting the door. But you were never naughty.
You always watched me go to the garage - and you would be right behind me even before I could get the key into the lock. The garage was full of boxes and things to climb on and explore.
You scared us all with your DBF's. You would spend hours like this.
But we knew this meant you were happy and relaxed. And we felt like a complete family. You brought a balance to our lives that we had been missing since Leo. You would have loved Leo - he had a special zest for life and he also loved our garden and loved to show off his ball skills.
Everything seemed so perfect with our lives with you, Alfred. Flo was a more relaxed bunny and our lives had a special feel with you there.
And then, you suddenly and quickly took poorly. We took you to the vet as quickly as we could when we saw you were not yourself. And we were all very worried about you. We wanted you better. We wanted to see you zooming round the garden and binkeying on the lawn. Flo was anxious and worried about you. You came home from the vets but you sadly had to leave us to go to the rainbow bridge. I held you in my arms that morning, helpless as you said goodbye. Flo knew something was not right. As you left, I felt my heart shatter into a million pieces. I was not able to help you and make you better, Alfred. My big, floofy, confident laid back boy was called away.
A sadness has come over me that is impossible to explain. Our home feels empty and our garden is quiet now. Each time I look towards the kitchen at night, I see an empty space by the door where you would lie.
Alfred, I have cried a million tears since you left us and I am so so sorry that I could not save you. Our home was your home - we wanted you to be safe and live a happy and long life here with us and especially Flo. Flo misses you so much Alfred. We all miss you so much Alfred.
Goodbye my beautiful sweet gentle charismatic bunny. I hope that you have found plenty of friends to play with over the bridge and one day I hope to see you again.
Craig, Jan and Flo xxxx
Oh Craig, what a beautiful tribute, and the photos are just lovely to see again. Im so very sorry that Alfred had to leave so soon, but as with all your rabbits, I think there's a reason why they find their way to you and Jan. I think you are both amazing and compassionate people, and give bunnies the life they deserve xxx

Sweet dreams Alfred, you will be missed but never forgotten xxxx
What a wonderful tribute to a special bunny. You, Jan, and Flo gave him a lifetime of love since you met him.
Thank you for sharing your photos and videos. The one with Flo with her feet in the air shows how relaxed she was with Alfred. He did have very floofy feet.
I am so sorry you lost your special boy.:cry:
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Our brightest stars sometimes shine for the shortest time. :cry: I'm so very sorry Alfred had to leave us. He certainly looked to have lots of character and zest for life.

My thoughts are with you, Jan and Flo at this very sad time. Be kind to yourselves and know that your home will always be graced by Alfred's presence, as well as the other bunnies who have shared it with you. Their physical bodies may be gone but their souls are ever with us.

Sweet dreams, Alfred. xxxx
Craig you've done your boy proud with a really lovely tribute. Stunning photographs too:love:

Good night, sweet dreams Alfred
The love you feel for Alfred is clear in this beautiful tribute.

You have a gift for 'walking in their paws' which enables you to understand the bunnies who share your life. I think this deepens the bond you share with them but also intensifies every sad loss.

Be kind to yourself Craig. You did all that you could to save Alfred.

Binky free Alfred xxx
I've only just steeled myself to read this and I'm very glad I did: you have a way with words just like you do with bunnies, Craig :love:

The biggest hugs to you all xxx
A beautiful tribute Craig. He was a much loved bunny who had the best life with you all. It’s never easy when they go, sending so many hugs xx

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A beautiful, heartfelt tribute for Alfred.

I hope you can take so.you can take comfort from knowing that he knew love and happiness in the time he was with you.

He was a beautiful boy who had an amazing life during the time he was with you, Jan and Flo.:love: