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Wish- 23-04-2010 - 18-11-2021


Wise Old Thumper
My Dear Good Girl.


I’m so sorry it’s taken me just so very long to get myself to be able to write this- quite simply, it’s been too hard. Even now, I’m trying very hard to avoid this, only I know I can’t and shouldn’t- you deserve better than that- but it has taken me several days to complete this. Quite frankly, I still don’t want to acknowledge you are gone.

Let’s go right back to the start. On 6th June 2010, It travelled my way down to Dagenham to collect some baby fosters rabbits (Something I kept the forum updated on for a long time- click the link to read more). Their mum had died when they were five weeks old, and there was also a younger litter of two remaining. There were five in the older litter, of which you were one.

You came home, and you were all in a pretty sorry, scrappy state. You, in particular, weighed 330g (at 6 weeks old, by this point), whilst your siblings all weighed around 600g. You had sparse fur, a prolapsed rectum and a swollen belly (probably from the goats milk you’d been being fed). You were also the only one with butterfly markings- it wouldn’t have been a surprise to know you were from a totally different litter, and were several weeks younger, but you weren’t- we knew you were all litter mates. We didn’t expect you to survive, but we wished you would- and that’s how you got your name.

This is the VERY first photo I got of you.


Right from the word ‘Go’ you were a diva. I remember when I placed you all in the run area of the hutch/run combo, you were the first to find the ramp and go up it. You were the first to explore. The feisty one. You didn’t appear to need your siblings like they all needed each other- you just did your own little thing and joined your siblings if and when you wanted and needed to.






We took some risks, and fed you grass. Turned out that was the smartest thing to do and you gradually started to grow better fur and your swollen belly shrunk. You were still scrappy, but were feisty and fighting. I already knew I was going to keep you and wasn’t going to trust you to anyone else (I wish now that I had kept all of you). That turned out to be a smarter decision than I realised.

You were showing your quirks and personality more.

You got yourself into everything, and led the others astray too.



You loved hidey holes and to run around under the hay.


You became more sociable too.



At around 14 weeks your eye started to run, so off to the vets we trundle again. Dental issues. You were super small, not growing much, and had too many teeth for the size of your skull. You were the youngest bunny I’d ever had go through a dental but we didn’t have much choice. You got through fine, of course you did- you’re Wish. Your eye stopped running and we carried on enjoying you all, but monitoring you closely- which you coped with very well.



2 weeks later your eye started again, so back to the vets. The vet said your teeth were in a hideous state and doing fortnightly dentals was not going to be in your best interests and he advised putting you to sleep. You were 16 weeks old then, and I never let him forget that. You were still bright and your feisty self, so I said no, and asked for what other options there were, including pain relief. You became the star of Please Remember to Advocate for your Rabbit (and actually, reading that back, you were even poorlier than I remember).

We experimented with pain relief and got you to the 10 week post dental mark before you started drooling and needed another. 10 weeks was doing. You stayed on daily Metacam for the rest of your life- for more than 11 years you had daily Metacam at a high dose.

By that point, you’d been split from your siblings, as you were the only (obvious) girl. You’d spent some time alone, and then I knew you needed a friend. You, quite clearly, were not a fan of Badger, but you took to Autumn super quick. He didn’t quite know what you were, as he only knew me and other humans. You bonded super quickly, actually- I think the loppy ears helped, because you spoke the same language- which appears to be different from what the uppy eared bunnies speak. You were tiny compared to him, but he was a total lover, and he just loved you. Quite simply, you were and A-hole and he was not. And it worked really well. He treated you like the Queen you wanted to be.



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Then Flame’s home fell through so he stayed, and I decided him bond him in with you, as a trio. That went fabulously, and you became ‘The Loppy Trio’. You were, as a group, and absolute bundle of destruction, but also, the nicest bunnies around. But, gosh, super chaotic in everything- and I think Autumn led the way, as he believed himself to be a person.






(Ok, so I can’t always blame Autumn)

You still weren’t growing properly and, at this time, were sitting at around 800g (less than half of what you eventually grew into). I discovered Protexin Profibre and started feeding you those, and, when I fed them in large amounts, you actually started to be able to digest your food and your grew. At the age of one, you grew and then finally developed some hormones. We hadn’t spayed you until then because you showed no hormonal behaviour and were small so we felt it was too risky. When your hormones arrived, and you got stroppy and territorial, you were spayed sharpish, and we did it quick enough to be able to maintain your trio bond.


Life was good again and we carried on, for many years actually.



For years and years and year we deal with ever decreasing dentals, and dental abscesses, and then breathing issues, but you were pampered and you just thrived. You had turned from this scrappy little thing into a bunny of great beauty. And we stayed like this and enjoyed our time.



Remember when you got stuck in the hay box? (I don’t know why you thought it was a good idea to get in it)


Autumn died in June 2019, and then things went a bit awry. Autumn had always been the peace maker. You and Flame did squabble and love each other like siblings, so it was always a bit rockier than with either of you and Autumn. Autumn got VERY skillful and sorting you both out, and I watched him, on numerous occasions, putting one on you on the landing, and one of you in the cage, and he would sit in my room (between you both). Turned out, he kept your bond together, so there was only a brief time when you remained as a pair.



A month after he died you and Flame squabbled and I was unable to rebond you, so you spend the last of your times alongside each other in my room. You still laid together and groomed each other, but you couldn’t kill each other, so that was good and it worked. You maintained a semi bond and got comfort from each other.



Then we lost Flame in November 2020 and it left just you. I gave you my best. I gave you a cuddly bunny that you bonded with, and did my best to spend as much time with you as possible. You still binkied and did Bunny 500’s, but you were obviously old, so you also slept a lot.
You did the most authentic DBFs. (it got scarier, as you got older).




You still liked hidey-holes.



You made your own fun.




I think you were happy though. And you definitely got more entitled- rather than coming to see me, you trained me to come to you. Autumn trained you to come to me for food, but when you didn’t need to fight anyone for it, you knew you didn’t actually need to move. You would sleep super deeply and fall over and dream- which was the cutest thing. You’d still poddle around into the spare room, and continued to destroy things in there, and then come running back- or you’d stay there and go to sleep in the midst of your destruction. You were so special.

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We knew you needed a dental from around August 2020, but I was advised by the vet to only have it done when you REALLY needed it. On November the 15th, I just noticed a slight shift and I knew that it was the time. We booked you in for the 18th. I knew in my head that you could die, but I just knew in my heart, you would be ok. I just knew- after all, you’d been ok with everything else you’d been through, right? Wrong.

Your heart failed AFTER the dental (which definitely needed to be done). The vets spent 40 minutes resuscitating you, because they knew you were everything to me. They got you back. And then, about an hour later, you went again and they couldn’t bring you back. I knew that could happen, but I never really believed I wouldn’t have you home by the end of the day. When I collected you, the vet gave me a massive hug and I just sobbed on her shoulder- I’ve never done that before with any rabbit, but everything in my life revolved around you…. And you were gone…. Now what?

Wish, you were, quite simply, incredible. My heart is broken that you’re not here, and as I write this, I can truly feel that deep sadness that you’re not here anymore. You were funny, and annoying, and loving, and wonderful, and a diva, and I wouldn’t have changed anything for the world. I was advised to have you PTS at 16 weeks old, and I had the absolute privilege of your company until you were 11 years and seven months old. I’ve been lost with out. I didn’t just lose you when you died, I also lost the legacy of all the others who came because they had no where else to go and all those where I just avoided the grief to focus on those I still had. But I was lost, and with no one. No bunny friends- for the first time in 33 years. I just didn’t know what to do.

It took me just over three weeks before I rehomed some new friends. They are not a replacement Wish. Never. Ever. They cannot replace such a Legend. They are new friends to help me grieve and heal. And they are doing a good job.

I wish everyday that you were still here. I’ve semi wished I never sent you for the dental, but I had no choice because you needed it. My hands were tied and I was trapped into doing something that ultimately ended your life. I know you didn’t suffer, and it was super peaceful, but I always stood by the side and cuddled everyone else when they left, and I never got that opportunity with you. I truly wish I had. There’s something so special about loving someone as they die and I didn’t get to love you at that key point of your journey, so I have to trust that deep down, you knew how immeasurably loved you were and always will be.


I dreamt about you last night. You were still alive and we were trapped and being hunted, and I was trying to get us both out safe and alive. I woke up in a panic because I couldn’t.

You’re in the photo box with Autumn and Flame now, and you’re all together. I look at you every day and I remember.


Thank you so much for being you. Thank you for fighting for as long as you did.



Just thank you, my Wishy, Squishy One- A Legend among rabbits.


I love you.


(and, 100% this is my favourite EVER photo of you- it sums you up entirely)
23-04-2010 – 18-11-2021
The Last One Standing​
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What a lovely tribute to a truly amazing rabbit :love: you were both very lucky to have had each other :love:
I have never read a more sincere heartfelt tribute in my life. I am absolutely sobbing my eyes out.
It is so clear that Wish was not just a rabbit. She was a special rabbit and as much as she touched your own life, you also filled her life with everything she ever needed and wished for. Very occasionally in our lives, things happen, things are meant to be. No one can explain how or why. But the day you chose to rescue wish was one of those occasions. She was a stunning rabbit - made more so by the amazing life and support that you gave her. Wishes personality shines through your words like a beam of light, the photos are a beautiful permanent reminder of such an amazing rabbit, living an amazing life because she was allowed to live that life and to become the loving fun filled unique rabbit she deserved to be.
I am so sorry you had to say goodbye but I am certain Wish now has many many friends at the bridge to keep her company.
Thank you for sharing a unique and amazing story of a magnificent rabbit. X
Thank you all for reading anc responding. She was one in a million and my home is sadder without her in it. But what a privilege to have had her presence in my life.
Sometimes the fact you’re not here just overwhelms me. Know that i think of you every day, and I still wish you were here, my Wishy Squishy One.
Those of us who were blessed with special bunnies who went to the bridge know how much you are hurting. Sending gentle hugs.
I didn’t forget Wish, I just didn’t want to remember. I still feel you would have been here had you not had that GA. No choice but to do it but it still cut your life short. I have new friends now, and they are wonderful, but they are not you. I miss you so so much lady.
Aww ive just read through this thread again, she truly was a very special bunny, and so very much loved. Big hugs xx