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Weird reactions to rescue remedy?


Young Bun
My old rabbit had a seemingly bad reaction to rescue remedy and nowI'm afraid to use it with my overly uptight new 5 month old un neutered bunny.

I was wondering if anyone else's bunnies had weird reactions to rescue remedy.
Never had any problems with it and I have cared for 152 Rabbits over the last 26 years

How long ago was your Buck neutered. It can take 6-8 weeks for hormones to settle AFTER neutering.

In what way is he ‘up tight’ ?

Also, he’s in a new environment and he’s just a youngster so he’s going to need time to settle in. Are you going to get him a companion ? Rabbits are social animals and need a companion of their own kind.
He's not neutered yet. The other rabbit got more tense in a way and choked , (seizure,?)

I'm not going to get another rabbit I'm in the room with him all the time. I know that's not the same as another rabbit but I don't have the space or the physical capacity to care for two because when one gets sick the other gets sick and it becomes a lot. I am disabled.

He's tense because he's constantly telescoping me 10 feet away on the bed in a manner that's tense and he's continued to do that up till today now he's stopped and is acting more mellow.
Neutering will calm him down and improve his overall quality of life. It sounds as though his behaviour is completely normal for an entire young Buck.