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Upgrading Bun’s Diet

Hello all,

I am on a quest to improve my bunny’s diet. Currently feeding excel burgess long stem feeding hay, science selective pellets and greens a day.

Is SS Grain Free a better pellet option?
Is SS Fibafirst worth buying?
Is there any better hay options? I have tried local but to no avail.
My bunny likes dried grass, can this be used in conjunction with hay?

Thanks in advance 🐰
This is a good comparison of the various dried foods available for rabbits. http://www.therabbithouse.com/diet/rabbit-food-comparison.asp SS Grain Free is probably very marginally better. Personally I think that if you are feeding just an eggcupful of pellets per day, as recommended, then it's not that important to worry about a small difference in nutrients, as long as all the nutrients are within the recommended range. So if your bunny is happy with the usual Science Selective, I would stick with those. SS Fibafirst has a higher fibre content and so is a good food, however not all bunnies like it. My two bunnies have the normal Science Selective as their main feed ie an eggcupful each per day and as they really like Fibafirst, they also get one stick each first thing in the morning.

I have tried numerous difference sources of online hay and now stick with this company https://www.timothyhay.co.uk/ My bunnies like very stalky hay and I usually get the Timothy hay. I've just noticed they have introduced a new option of mature/stalky/brown leaf, but I haven't tried that. I think if your bunnies like the Burgess long-stemmed feeding hay, they would like the hay from this company. Quite a few of us on the forum buy hay from here. It's probably a cheaper option than the Burgess too :)

Dried grass is absolutely fine to use in addition to hay. Freshly cut grass is also fine.

Herbs and foraged weeds are also a good alternative to greens as variation.
What a great reply. Thanks very much. Very informative! I will definitely look at getting hay from there as I do find burgess expensive :)