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Transport help needed on the Isle of Wight this Sunday


Wise Old Thumper
Posted on behalf of Schtoffen

Hi RUers,

I have already popped one user a message about this, but in case they're unavailable, does anyone else live on the Isle of Wight that could help transport me and/or my newbun between Godshill and East Cowes?

I'm being quoted £20 + each way in a cab at the moment so it'd be great to avoid at least one cab journey if possible!!


S xxx
My OH has a season ticket for Red Funnel Southampton to Cowes. He goes over about 7:15 and comes back about 4:30. If we can be of any help PM me :wave:
This was in April,
I would think the person could have walk between Godshill and East cowes by now :lol::lol::lol::lol: or at least caught the number 2 and 5 buses :D