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Wise Old Thumper
(I know I've posted them before but Susiebun wants to see! ;))




these pics always make me smile :D

Its not only Ted but Oli in his costume too :lol::lol::D

I'm not a mean mummy! :shock:...pwomise! :lol:

Disclaimer....no dinosaurs were harmed in the making of these pictures!....And Ted was quite comfortable in his costume (not that I'd try it on many buns! :shock::shock:)
Well, as long as he was happy ...

What a handsome bunny Teddy was (before my time on The Forum). :love:

He was special! :love::love: I wouldn't try dressing up any of the others...they wouldn't like it. Ted didn't seem to notice though! :lol: He was a vain thing, probably loved the whole experience of having a wardrobe!
Ted is very special! Just look at him there just nomming the grass in his costume!!! :shock: sooo chilled :love:
:lol::lol::lol::lol:Brilliant - I must have missed them when you originally posted them. I hope they got first prize for looking so fabulous together.