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Rex with cardiac problems U/D Good news!


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As title. She is sitting with her head tilted back towards her back and seems to be sniffing very strongly. She puts her head down whenever I come up to her then it slowly creeps back up again. She was doing it yesterday but I didn't notice it until today as it's become more obvious. She has been eating today but not snatching food as usual, she has been calming down with that recently so I assumed it was that.

She has also been sneezing over the last week or so but I put it down to the new bag of hay which can sometimes do that. I am just away to ring the vet and wake up the boy. Please can someone help.

Cross posted in Health due to time.

P.S. There is no discharge or drooling.

Mouth breathing video post 52
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She definitely needs to see a vet ASAP. If she's given the right meds as quickly as possible after it starts she has every hope of recovery from this. It won't be a quick process. Please get her to your vet and let us know how it goes.

My rabbit Darcy had head tilt a couple of years ago and after 3 months of intense treatment he recovered leaving only the slightest head tilt. She will need anti-inflam and painkiller - metacam plus start a 28 day course of panacur or Lapizole which will need to be given to any other buns she has contact with. As for the sniffing, I'm not sure.

Sending healing vibes to your little bun xxxx
It doesn't sound like head tilt though, it sounds more like a respiratory thing... Definitely need to see a vet though, sending loads of vibes xxx
It doesn't sound like head tilt though, it sounds more like a respiratory thing... Definitely need to see a vet though, sending loads of vibes xxx

I think this too. The slowly raising the head sounds to me like it's a 'I need to do this to make me feel more comfortable' rather than a 'I can't help but do this' kind of thing.

If that makes sense.
Sounds like she is struggling to breathe. She needs to see a vet NOW. Call the emergency vet and let them know you are on your way. Good Luck xx
I would agree- the vets is a must. I said this on my other thread. I wouldn't leave it and wait to see on this one. I think it's serious, maybe wrong, but better on the edge of caution with buns. Having seen a bun die of respiratory and what my vet said is EC, i'd hate something similar to happen to your bun. Fingers crossed it's not too serious though ...

P.s without initial meds- buns with respiratory problems can sometimes go down hill very quickly. Once they have some meds in them it's not so much a problem when they get past the initial stages, but needs ongoing maintenance xxxxx
The rabbit needs a vet ASAP..with the sneezing this head lifting is the rabbit trying to open its airways to breathe...it will be quite serious by the time bun is doing this:cry:
Hope you've got her to a vet..it's her only chance
Hello all, thank you very much for your support last night. We saw the vet and Oidhche has been diagnosed with GI stasis and possible secondary pneumonia. She is on Zantac, Metaclopramide, Metacam, Infacol, and has critical care and recovery paste. We're taking her back on Monday to see how she's getting on with the breathing, K is more concerned with the stasis just now as there is no discharge and she is still getting a decent amount of air into her lungs.

She has been eating fine so we don't know what's triggered this, he thinks she's not been eating as much hay so teeth will be checked on Monday, wanted to avoid too much stress today.

When we got in, the first thing she did was get out of the box, jump off the table, over my shoulder and hit the floor. The vet said it was the most spectacular rabbit jump he's seen :lol:

Thank you all for your vibes for my little girl, I will keep you updated. I need my bed! Zzzzzzzz.