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Remembering Henry bunny

Craig 1965

Warren Veteran
It isn't easy making two rainbow bridge posts a few weeks apart - fate sometimes deals you a tough hand at times.
It was 3 years ago today that we said goodbye to our beautiful nethie whirlwind rabbit - Henry. His time with us was simply not long enough, but the time he had with us allowed him to touch our hearts in such a special way, and he also made himself such a wonderful hus-bun to Lillian who loved Henry to bits.
Our living room was his racetrack - anyone who has had or has nethies will know what this means. Small in statue but huge in personality - Henry had this and more. He was an amazing little bunny who took a huge piece of my heart with him when he left us.
Thinking of you today and always Henry
Craig xxx
I am sorry you did not have enough time with Henry. Most of my bunnies were nethies, though now I only have one.
Henry sounded like a wonderful bunny, and he looked very, very cute. :love: I'm so sorry you lost him and that you didn't have more time with him.