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Getting rabbit new friend

Hello everyone.

Sadly we had to put one of our rabbits to sleep today. Our boy Tam.

He was bonded with Munch who was another neutered male and he has been left on his own.

Does anyone have any advice on whether we should get Munch a new friend or whether the bonding process would be unsuccessful? Stuck on what to do and don’t want him to be sad.

Thank you
Very sorry for your loss of Tam 😢

I would definitely try contact a Rescue to try to obtain a companion for Munch. Rabbits do need a friend of their own kind. Rescue Rabbits will be neutered and vaccinated and many Rescues offer help with bonding x
Thank you. It was all so sudden but due to a variety of health issues and quality of life, we decided it was best to let him go. We miss him so much already.

I will look at contacting rescues. Are there any you can recommend?

Thanks, Amy
I am so sorry you had to say goodbye to Tam.. Sending positive vibes for your search for a new friend for Munch.