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Rabbit insurance

The cover is ok, but of course you need to read the small print.

You have to be careful though. I once got quotes for mine from another company (they are insured with PetPlan) and although one of them was a lot cheaper, the quotes for the other five were a lot more expensive.

No harm in having a word with your vet too, HB, mine was very helpful when I was contemplating insuring the dogs. :)
Ive just done a quote if you pay 15% excess its £8.24
20%excess £6.59 thats where i live though same price reguardless of breed

just checked this insurers out and got quotes for my 4 buns arriving in 10 days!! can't wait...

initially i did the quote online
I rang .........
NB the quote over the phone was cheaper @ £29.40 for 11 months and 12th month free. thats for 4 baby buns, ie £26.95 pm over 12 months plus they give £25 per bun p a towards vaccinations!
I think it looks a very good deal

does anyone know of better deals or have experience of this company??