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Rabbit Boarding North East England


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I need to find a rabbit boarder/sitter for a week for my single male, indoor free roaming bunny.

I would normally leave him with my parents when I go away, but my mam has booked a family holiday! I have thought of trying to get someone to housesit, but all my friends are married with children so them living in isn't an option. Taking him to their house isn't an option either as they have cats/dogs and I don't really trust it!

I'm nervous abiut boarding because in the photos of ones I've already looked up online, a lot use hutches and I'm not sure how he'd take to it with his being free roam. When I've had to pen him for medical treatments he really doesn't like it. I'm also worried about so many other bunny's being around and the scent of them stressing him out as he currently lives alone.

Can anyone provide any names of good places local to Newcastle/Gateshead area (would be willing to drive max.an hour outside). Also stuff to look out for when visiting places. Also anything to ease my worries about boarding in the first place!
Sorry, can’t help with specific recommendations but just wanted to mention that you will need to make sure that your Rabbit is fully up to date with his vaccination, All reputable boarding establishments will insist on this.
Try asking at your Vet’s surgery. Sometimes Vet Nurses do Pet Sitting/ Boarding to earn a bit more money. Or they might know of a reputable person.

If you are a member of the RWAF you could drop them a message and ask if they know of anyone in your area.

If you know of any local Rabbit Rescues it might be worth asking them if they can suggest anyone.

Good luck 😀
There is a rabbit rescue in Sunderland called pawz for thought (with the z). They have a website and they look pretty good. Might be worth a call. I don't know if they do boarding but they may know of people who would- if they can't.

Thank you both for the suggestions! I'll have a look into those and also ask my vets. I know my vets do see a lot of rabbits so maybe they know of someone.