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Precious Little Jazzie - 2014 - 2023


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The dreaded day finally came. Yesterday we finally lost our beautiful little warrior Jazzie.
Jazzie was our second rabbit (along with her original partner Maple who sadly passed away at only 2 1/2yrs to strongly suspected EC). Jazzie had been with us for 9yrs through the most horrific points in our lives; our parents divorce, having to move out of our family home, losing our Mum to cancer.. So many things, and Jazzie was there through it all. Our hearts are shattered. We've known for a long time that it was coming but the pain is just the same.

Jazzie has been through so much in her life. She was a very stasis prone girl who was hospitalised many times. In 2018 we should have lost her. The animal hospital we took her to overnight sent her blood results to Great Western in Swindon and they told the vet caring for her that she 'shouldn't even be alive'. Her liver and kidneys were failing, creatinine so high they couldnt't even read it, glucose 19.3. They couldn't understand how she could still be alive and her chances of survival were given as almost nil.
She pulled through and seemed changed. It was like she had a new appreciation for life, she was just eternally happy and incredibly sweet. You called her name and she'd come running. She loved to snuggle for hugs and kisses. You only needed to mention her name in conversation and her little ears would pick up as if to say "Me?".
She followed me around like a little duckling and whenever you came into the room she'd run up with so much excitement. She was the sweetest girl imaginable.

Unfortunately she's had EC for a very long time that proved extremely hard to control. Her levels always came back as incredibly high. A lot of very extended courses of panacur. The main issue was weight loss but it started to damage her kidneys. In Feb she was confirmed to be in kidney failure and had a severe episode of stasis. The local vet wanted to put her down then and there but our incredible rabbit-expert vet went above and beyond in taking over her care and thanks to her we had all these precious extra months. We were expecting to have days, maybe weeks at best with her considering how severe her kidneys were and how severely underweight she was, but she went on another 8 months like the little fighter she's always been.
The last month or two has had ups and downs but she had fought through everything and been so happy and affectionate.
Monday afternoon she started to have difficulty walking and standing. She'd been on strong painkillers so we tried lowering them. Overnight sadly she started to become less and less responsive and unable to stand. Even so she had multiple bursts where she tried to fight on and come out to play and snuggle with us. She didn't have the energy to get far but she still tried. She didn't appear to be in pain but we knew the time had come. Yesterday morning we had no choice but to say goodbye and she went to sleep in my arms.

We're totally broken to have lost our precious little Jazzie. She has been with us for so long, to imagine life without her bright, beautiful little face now is crushing.
She may be the strongest rabbit I've ever known, she fought everything thrown at her and I'm sure survived on willpower alone. But she did it all whilst being her happy, cheerful, loving self. The way she would bolt over to you in excitement when she saw you was just beautiful.
She was so incredibly happy. And the most vocal rabbit I'd known, she often made happy grunts and honks.
She is the 5th rabbit we have lost in 20 months and although we knew this was coming with her it's really hitting us hard. We lost 2 to EC, 1 to cancer, 1 under anaesthetic and 1 to an unknown cause - she just collapsed next to me and within minutes her heart stopped. The last 2yrs have been truly horrific.

Thank you Jazzie for being our dear friend, for all the years of joy you brought to us and for being such a strong little warrior through everything. We weren't ready to say goodbye but you needed to rest. You won the fight, you never gave up right to the end. You just needed to rest.
Sleep peacefully my precious little girl.

Maple and Jazzie a few days after bringing them home






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I am so very sorry that your beautiful friend has had to depart. But death is only the loss of the physical being. What makes Jazzie, Jazzie is her inner spirit, her soul. That now lives on within your heart and within all the memories she has gifted to you.

As long as we love and remember a special Rabbit whom has died in their physical form they will live on. And we will ALWAYS love and remember them

Your tribute to your beautiful sweet Jazzie brought tears to my eyes. I enjoyed reading how your affectionate girl followed you and how she perked up when she heard her name.
You both had some difficult times and had the inner strength to overcome the challenges life presented to you both.
Inspector Morse's post says it all.

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I'm so, so very sorry you had to say goodbye to your sweet little Jazzie. She sounds like she was such a special, happy little girl, and like she loved you and your brother so much. She must've been so strong to have survived everything she went through. You wrote such a lovely tribute to her. How incredibly sad that she's the fifth precious bunny member of your family you've lost these past 20 months... Your hearts must be hurting so much... :cry:
I'm so sorry you've lost your very special Jazzie. What lovely pics and tribute to her.
Sweet dreams little one. X
Sorry you lost your beautiful girl, she sounds very lucky to have had such caring owners and it sounds like she had a great life with you xxx
I am so sorry Jazzie has gone. She was a beautiful girl and obviously had a beautiful soul too.
Sweet dreams little one xx