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New owner - unplanned!


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So on Christmas eve I went to the farm where I keep my horse, one of the girls on the yards starts shrieking for me and I run into her barn, and there's a bin liner full of rabbits at the back door. 9 in total, one deceased.
Definitely pet ones. Definitely dumped.
Long story short I spent Xmas eve calling all the parents on my sons football team asking if they'd like to take a pair of rabbits and found the remaining 8 homes - 2 of which are with me.
I have no idea on the sex but I'm taking them to the vets to get sexed. They appear very well bonded I'm not sure separating them now is the best course of action as they've been through so much.
No idea on the sex/breed/ages.
So if anyone has any idea that would be great!
I've bought a large indoor cage and have set up a pen in the spare bedroom so they can roam.


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well done on saving all these bunnies from a desperate situation & welcome to the world of rabbit ownership. I'm not familiar with young rabbits (only had adults) but obviously a vet trip is the proper way to approach this for health check, sexing and estimate of age. I agree it'd be nice to keep them together for longer if you can, but your vet can guide you on this. If you are able to see an exotics vet or a one savvy with rabbits (it can be a struggle) even better. Top tip - get them eating as much hay as you can from the off to keep them digestive systems & teeth in good health (they might even enjoy your horses hay) I highly recommend these guys
I agree, well done on rescuing and homing the little bunnies. You've already been given some great advice above, so hope they get on well at the vets, and please let us know how they are doing.
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Well done for rescuing these bunnies. I agree with advice already given. Bunnies can be left together at the moment, but you'll need asap to get them aged and more importantly sexed by a vet. Once the bunnies reach 10-12 weeks of age they will begin to get hormonal and that's when you'll need to make decisions. If either bunny is a male,he can be neutered as soon as his testicles descend, which is usually around 12 weeks. If you have a male and female, they should obviously not still be together at this stage (risk of unplanned pregnancy and possible aggression). Females can be left unspayed until around 5-6 months depending on when your vet is happy to perform the operation.

They are very cute little bunnies and look as though they are a cross breed. You will be able to find lots of advice within this forum, but if you have specific questions then just ask :)
It's great that you rescued these rabbits. And welcome to the forum, I'm sure you will get support here 🩷
Hello Geordiegal,
Welcome and just to say how amazing to find all homes for them in such a short time.

Its great you are getting them checked by a vet. After getting them sexed and health checked you'll have a better idea on their care needs and your own way forwards. Yes they are better together and kept in a pair, the vet hopefully has experience with rabbits and can advise you going forwards, along with this site. Anyone will be happy to help if we can.

If you haven't done already, I would report it to your local RSPCA, especially as one has died. They might want to investigate, but at least, as a minimum, it will allow them to record any incidences happening in your area.

Lots to look through on RU that might help with your new venture as a bunny owner.

Any names yet?

It will be great to hear how things are going.
Sending lots of positive vibes for your little bunnies. They are fortunate to have been found by a caring person. Rabbits have unique digestive systems, so having the correct diet is important, mostly hay and when they get older greens. Pellet type rabbit food can be used as a treat and to gain trust.
They are very cute.
Great source of information about everything relating to the care of Rabbits here

Getting them health checked, sexed and vaccinated ASAP is the best course of action now 😀