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New bunny owner with questions


New Kit
Hi, i’m a new bunny owner, she came into my care through a colleague who wasn’t able to provide proper care, i am a proud guinea pig owner so she gave her to me as i had all the resources to care for a bunny, however i don’t have all the knowledge like i do with guineas

she’s currently binkying and running in circles around me as i type this so i do think she’s comfortable, however i have some questions about basic bunny care i forgot to ask when i took her to the vets

how does healthy weight feel when you stroke a bunny? should i be able to feel her ribs and spine or not? when i stroke her shoulder area i can feel her shoulder bones, im not sure if this is a concern or not as google can’t seem to give me a straight answer, any help would be appreciated, my vet didn’t mention her weight but i like to know the details of what i should look out for when it comes to my pets health
You can monitor her weight eg weekly. Any unexplained gradual losses over 2 or 3 weeks should be referred back to your vet, or any sudden losses.

It's easier to monitor poo output as an indication that all is well. Poo should be smooth, round and in large quantities. Colour and texture will depend on diet (hay = crumbly & golden, fresh grass = darker & moist).

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