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Need Help? Ask a Forum Buddy

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Forum Buddy's

Forum buddy's are members who have volunteered to help out other members (particularly new users). If you need help using the forum - perhaps your not sure where to post your question or you haven't had a reply they are there to help.

Who are the forum buddys?

Forum Buddy's usernames are bright green. You can see when they are online in the users online list at the bottom of the front page.

Our current buddies are:

Mini C
Nikki 26

What's a Forum Buddy's Job?

A Forum Buddy's Job is to:

  • Welcome new members in the intro section.
  • Check for topics that aren't replied to or haven't been answered completely. If they don't know the answer, then to flag it up to others that do.
  • Be a first point of call via PM or the help section for technical advice on using the forum features.
  • Keeping an eye out to ensure new people are being looked after.
  • Report any posts where a new user is not treated politely.

The aim is to make new users feel welcome and help them find their way around.

How to become a forum buddy...

We're not currently recruiting more forum buddies but if you would like to go on the reserve list please send a pm to an admin or mod with a few lines telling us why you'd be a good forum buddy. We'll put your name on the list and next time we need more buddy's we'll contact you :)
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Hello I'm Liz :wave: At 15 years old I'm fairly new to rabbits, having got my first rabbit, Beano, just over a year ago. I now have three lovely buns, Beano and Gordon a bonded pair and Boris, a currently single housebun :love:

I also have 3 dogs, 1 guinea pig, 4 aquatic frogs, 2 giant african land snails and 2 rats :)

I'm around most of the time, feel free to send me a PM if you need help in any way :) xx
Hi :wave: I'm Gem.

I've been here for years (Too many to count!). Some of you might know me from past Secret Santa's and the RU Christmas Card & Birthday Card exchanges.

I currently have seven rabbits, Millie & Milo, Fudge and Penny who live indoors, M&M are free range and F&P live separately in my spare room. Charlie, Cora & Daisy live outside in their purpose built, very expensive, still not yet finished, playhouse and aviary. Had bunnies, virtually all my life, we got our first bun way back in 1994/5 when I was 7/8, a little black and white dutch girl called Percy :love:

We have two cats, Scooby and Elsie, a hamster, Todd and a goldfish, whose name I can never remember but I think it's Triton :? He answers to Fishy though :lol:

I work from home, running CraftyBunny so I'm usually around somewhere during the day, and often most of the night too :oops:
Hi, I'm Craig:wave:
I have been a member of the forum for about 18 months following the loss of my two soul rabbits - Ben and Georgina (my avitar). I found immense solstice and comfort from everyone on the forum, who were so supportive and helpful, and I have found a continuation to that help and support since.
Following the loss of Ben and Genrogina, I have adopted Henry (nethie) and Lillian, who is a lop of some breed. They are more commonly referred to as 'Hillian' and Lillian is also a board member of the RWSA!
We began our journey with pets after adopting one of our neighbours guinea pigs - and we adopted 2 others at that time. We then found a stray black rabbit wondering the street (Max) who then cemented our love for rabbits.
I am married to Jan and today is our 22nd wedding anniversary - so happy anniversary to us!
I work at a family pet food wholesaler and we share a love for all animals through that, and we even have a 'pet' office lab called Bud who is just the softest most friendly dog, and who is living proof that having a pet at work is a great stress reliever. I am also fortunate in getting the occasional sample produce for Hillian from work - a small perk of the job.
We also have a small outdoor fish pond and recently aquired quite a number of rescue goldfish and frogs. Although we live very much in suburbia, our garden does have a quiet and calming feel and the bunnies do love being outside sunbathing.
I am very much an advocate for rabbit welfare, and emotional well being and although I lack the wealth of experience that many fellow members have, I do try to provide input in a balanced way.
I am on the forum almost every day, barring the odd time I might be doing a uni run up to York to collect or drop off our son who is studdying Chemistry. :wave:
Can't believe I was only 15 when I first became a buddy!!

I now have a trio of bunnies, Jake, Jasmine and Bigwig who have been recently bonded. Bigwig was hand reared by myself with her siblings after being abandoned outside pets at home/the vets I used to work.

I also have two rescue piggys - Ellie and Marcie, 2 rats - Negan and The Governor, and a rescue doggy named Jack who is a poodle X German Spitz.

I now work in the veterinary industry and am always keen to learn more and make my practice more rabbit friendly!

I'm around most of the day and happy to help still, so just send me a PM whenever I'm needed :wave:
Hi, I'm Anne :wave:, and I've been a member since 2014. Like many people, I discovered RU when I got my first bunnies, Toffee and Treacle, and was looking for as much information as possible, to give them the best life I could. I was overwhelmed with the welcome I received here, and the advice that was so readily given, that I stayed !
I am originally from Warwickshire, but after taking early retirement, am now living in the beautiful Cairngorm National Park. Of course, my 2 bunnies, and my handsome cat George, came with me, although sadly I lost Toffee at 2 1/2 years :cry: I spent 4 years here,working as a volunteer reindeer herder, which was a wonderful experience :D I can be found out walking or biking most days, and my evenings are spent, usually knitting, with George by my side, and Treacle on "her" rug under the coffee table, watching TV.
I have loved and respected all animals, as far back as I can remember, and support various animal rescues and charities, having knitted scores of blankets for them over the years. I remain as passionate now, as I have always been about animal welfare.
I certainly don't consider myself an expert, but am always willing to support, share my experience and offer advice where I can. By being a forum buddy, I hope to repay a little of what RU has given me :thumb:
Hi I'm Ces
Owner to 2 house bunnies Daisy and Harry who are both rescues aged roughly 8.They live in our kitchen. Prior to that we had 2 buns who has run of the whole of our last house, one of them used to come up to our room every morning to tell us it was breakfast time :lol:
I've been a forum member for about 8 years, it was the lovely Bunslave who introduced me here, as she was foster carer for our Daisy rabbit :)
For 2 days a week I support people with various learning disabilities which I've been doing for 19 years. I am also a,registered childminder 2 days,of the week, so I'm kept busy
We live on the outskirts of York, near where I grew up and have a 5 year old child.
So that's me in nutshell, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you need to!!
Hi, I’m Nicola. I’ve been on RU since 2009, ever since I found myself looking after a very feisty and opinionated harlequin bun called Benjamin. Sadly I lost him too early to stasis and an experience with a bad vet made me want to learn as much as possible so the same thing didn’t happen again. Since then I have been lucky enough to have a number of rabbits and guinea pigs in my life.

I now have a trio of rabbits - Maddie and Ned who are 8 year old brother & sister, and Ted a 3 year old bundle of fluff. I also have two guinea pigs Rosie & ‘Ugo.

Please feel free to give me a shout if there is anything you need help with. :D
Hi I’m Cara and I’ve been on RU for longer than I can remember. I’ve had rabbits for about 20 years now and currently have an outdoor pair, Willow and Herb and an indoor pair, Pickle and Beans.
Willow and Herb are both Netherland Dwarf crosses. Herb came from a great rescue, Rabbit Rescue North West and was hutch aggressive and would box you when we got him. He’s now learnt from cheeky and confident Willow and will now happily come up for a treat and even the odd nose rub. He was also born with a cataract in one eye, not that you’d know from his behaviour.
Pickle and Beans are brothers from the same litter and are both agouti Netherland Dwarfs (have you spotted a pattern here?). They’re quite tricky to tell apart!
I also have a mild obsession with purple, Terry Pratchett’s Discworld and crafting (not necessarily in that order!)
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