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my Mouseypie, cica 2011-March 2022


Wise Old Thumper
On what would have been her imaginary birthday, I offer a belated tribute to my gorgeous & funny girl

I found Betsy / Georgina in Camp Nibble's Hard to rehome section back in 2015. She was living in a group of resident dental rabbits but it wasn't working out too well for anybun; greedy girl was hoovering everything up left to tempt her pals :lol: She always did like her food:love: Betsy's previous owner suffered a fatal drug overdose, hence she was brought by the police to Camp Nibble in the Spring of 2013, complete with her accomodation (a tiny guinea pig cage). Although successfully adopted she was returned to rescue a year later, the stress of which made her ill with EC . By then she was thought to be 3-4 years.

Mousey when I saw your face & read your story I knew I had to have you, keep you safe & loved forever

Being a rabbit rabbit not a people rabbit bonding her to Joey & Boo started straight away. A week later we settled on her new name, Mouse (but she was a mistress of many names, like all the best bunnies are)


She was a brave girl bonding to bossy Boo & she was a funny girl - I remember the glares & stomps if my hand even went near the spray bottle. Joey & Mouse found love instantly. Boo's acceptance had to be earned... it was.

In her first home with us






enjoying free range time


even a little dancing :love:


Lucky for Mousey her arrival in our lives coincided with my new obsession with foraging .

Mouse was the perfect size, when she lost her Camp Nibble holiday weight she was 2.8k with a the loveliest long legs & a crazy big dewlap.
I must apologise to Mousey as in the early days I think I worried too much resulting in many a vet visit. You were a tad bitey with the vets though you got better over the years. always though you'd leap off the consult in to my arms & I could make believe you loved me back. During lockdown i asked the vet to assign a nurse to play mum to Mousey in my absence.

At the vets you once did a poop so large & golden that she could do nothing but marvel at its size, the biggest she'd ever seen. You made me so proud :love:
Later we moved to Trawden, in to a freezing house - 3 bunnies & 2 people living in one room in a building site of a house. You seemed happy though,
looking after your cold & sad Joey (with Boobly bear in nurse mode too)


& generally doing your bunny thing





You gained all your confidence from Joey & Boo & learnt to let me know when something wasn't right







wary at first, you learnt to like pot



& you were pretty good at sploof coaching too



& you got to have back yard adventures too


Then i fell in love with a "lonely black bunny". Again you were a superstar bonding, the only bun I never needed to worry about as you were so clever & wise


Ultimately though, it wasn't to be & we took the difficult decision to split you from J&B, consoling ourselves that Boo's bossiness might have been to much for your increasingly wonky self as the years went on.

So while Rudey was poorly, he made a great companion for Mousey in the disabled bunny lounge club. You were a pretty special bunny couple. You also got to be top bunny which was bloody hilarious





Rudey passed in May 2020. Your vet thought you too fragile to risk bonding. And so the last chapter of your life Mousey was living as an honourary rabbit, with just us for company :( I felt bad leaving you alone each night but during the days & evenings, we were pretty much always together. You needed loads of care, bum baths & groomies took hours, meds & massages . I'd always dreaded you needing hands on care but clever girlie learned not only to take it in her stride but to appreciate the care & reciprocate with groomies:love:

she really like hay cookies


her forage

her hay bonnets


beds & home comforts



a year ago today trying out her birthday bed, it became a feeding bowl :lol:


lets not forget the man spreading


It was hard letting you go Mouseypie. You were so strong in spirit but so frail in body. I promised I'd never leave you & kept that promise

Thank you for being the most awesome rabbit & the best of friends :love: xx
What a wonderful tribute to a very special bunny. I enjoyed the captions on the photos and how they captured her personality.
There is no question she was smart as well as pretty, she chose you as her forever person.
It is wonderful that she appreciated all the care you provided during her senior years.
Sending gentle hugs.
A lovely tribute to a very special bunny :love: thinking of you as you remember her xx
Gorgeous Mouseypie :love: Such a brave girl. Also not to forget Mystic Mouse, who amazed us all with her insightful gems :love:
Absolutely beautiful tribute to a truly beautiful girl. I miss you too Mousie and hope you are having fun at the bridge with all your friends xx Big hugs J & B, I know it hurts xx
What a lovely tribute to my favourite Forum Bunny, like everyone else I miss Mouseys adventures

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Thank You everybun for loving my Mousey. She had the most beautiful & expressive face - she knew how to communicate (aka demand stuff) with just looks & body language. Petsmum she would have liked to meet you I think.

I miss my Mousey & I miss projecting through her :lol: she got loads of attention on the forum which she (I :lol:) liked & she did have her fun

On the RWSA thread

Out in the yard with Joe


& best of all, as Omi says, Mystic Mouse

The RWSA thread was my absolute favourite of all time. Mousey’s post with Joey was just genius.
Mousey would be so proud of such an emotional and moving tribute which was so beautiful. Mousey was such a huge character on here, and so many times it felt like she was writing the posts. You were blessed to have been given the honour to adopt her, and Mousey’s life was enriched and complete with the love your family and your rabbits have her. She led the perfect life with you. Bless you Mousey. You will always bring a tear to my eyes. Xx