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Bonded pair- I need desperate help


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Hi everyone, this may be a long post so please stick with me. I have two bonded rabbits and all has gone well for about a year now with them. They were very quick to bond, and there is honestly no true dominance, but my female is obsessed with my male. I’ve had my girl boo for over three years, almost 4. She was a meat rabbit rescue and I have honestly never met another rabbit like her. She is extremely food aggressive, even regular aggressive when she’s not in a good mood and only likes attention on her terms. She’s been spayed since she was 8 months old and has always been standoffish with me no matter what I do. I just accepted that that is her personality. I got my male rabbit, Theo about a year ago because Boo seemed a little lonely and he is the only thing in the world that she loves. I got Theo neutered about a month before I introduced them, and there was a little bit of mounting at first, but then that stopped. All has been well for about a year. They are free-room in my bedroom all day and then they sleep in the cage at night or else they jump on me in the middle of the night lol. Both are litter box trained.

Now, All of a sudden theo’s hormones are insane. He won’t stop trying to mount boo and she keeps whimpering/screaming everytime he gets near her. There has been no fighting or hair pulling but she is being EXTREMELY dramatic with her sounds to the point that my family is complaining about hearing it. (I’m 20 and a uni student living at home) they already hate her as it is because of how mean she is, now they can’t stand this. I haven’t been able to put them in the cage at night because boo won’t stop whimpering and theo won’t stop trying to mount. Boo is being so dramatic/scared that when it is night time she refuses to use the litter box now, so when I wake up my bedroom, has poop all over it and I have to vacuum it up. It is disgusting. I have no clue what to do. Should I separate them? Or should I let them work out on their own? I have no clue what brought this on upon Theo. I don’t have the room to permanently keep them separate, so it would have to be a temporary thing. I really don’t want to give Theo up, but if it comes to that I might have to. He is a cute friendly Holland lop so worst case scenario I could find him a good home. Boo is going to die with me just because no one is going to want to put up with her besides me. Again, this is the worst case scenario and I really want to find a solution before I have to consider this. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you so much everyone
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It could be what is called Spring fever, even though the Rabbits are neutered they can act as if they aren't. I have had to separate a pair of mine, they had been happy but the female got broody and kept chasing the male but hopefully they will go back together later on in the year. Mostly neutered pairs are fine but you get the odd ones which aren't. Are they in good health?
It may be worth a vet check for Theo just to make sure there's nothing amiss, but hopefully just a very exuberant case of spring fever that will pass soon.