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my foraging diary

I got obsessed with foraging for the buns late autumn last year after coming on RU and really felt like id missed out on spring and summer. from the first time i gave the buns freshly picked wild food and seen how they love it i was hooked. For me even though i now have 8 buns and foraging does save me loads of money, the main reason for it is the reaction from the buns. Totally different than when i give them shop bought veg and herbs. Last year i only picked brambles, dandelion and plantain because thats all i was confident on.
this this is for me and others too if they want to add any photos or id plants, so that i can see the difference in the plants over the seasons, eg jack by the hedge was hard for me to id but now that its growing a bit i can see better what it is. I will be able to come to the thread next spring and freshen my memory on what the plants look like in spring when not much is flowering.
If any one on RU knows what a plant is that i or others put on, any ID or advice on that plant would be fantastic.
I have no confidence in identifying anything other than dandelions and sticky weed so that is all the piggies get.

So many plants in the lanes and hedgerows at present but I have no idea what is safe and what isn't. I could do with a leaflet/small book to take with me on my walks, showing good quality pictures of all the safe plants.
here is a little pic of one of the places i go
todays photos are of i think hazel and red campion. not too sure but im waiting for the flowers to develop. Ive took leaves and flowers. advice welcome
thanks i was 90% on the hazel, i think i second guess myself a lot but i would rather that than poison my babies. its great having other peoples thoughts too
Yes I will pick some of the plants growing around here and post pics before I even think about giving them to the Piggies!
Yes, Hazel and Red Campion. My rabbits love Hazel and will eat Red Campion, but only if there's nothing else. That's a nice area to go foraging in.

Good idea for the thread :thumb:
thanks omi i havnt tried them with the campion yet because i wasnt sure but i gave them the hazel and they was playing tug of war with each other over it lol.. going to get some more in the morning. And some more plants i cant ID too. I appreciate the verifications. x
I love the foraging area you have there W&S - and I like this thread. Like Lily, I don't have a lot of confidence in identifying all but about half a dozen plants, so I'm keen to learn more :D
we can learn together lol.. Im kicking my self because im not closer Parsnipbun. ive just ordered the twigs way book so looking forward to that. im just really enjoying myself lately. We have miles and miles of wooldland to walk through and im really exploring. im getting lots of excersie and my buns are getting what they love. been this morning just to take photos of some unsure plants then going to pick the buns stuff later. w
Just been out and got loads of massive dandelions and long grass for the piggies.

Going down well! :love: