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My Beautiful Boy Will - April 2012 to 6th December 2022


Mama Doe
Will, my beautiful little Nethie, hopped into our lives on 6th April 2013, together with his sister Poppy. He was around 12 months old and was very flighty and did not like humans. He was definitely a “bun’s bunny”.

Will loved tearing round the garden, binkying and playing with Poppy. She adored Will and was constantly grooming him. Sadly Poppy passed away just 3 months after we adopted them. So Will was taken back to the Rescue from where he was originally adopted for and speed dating, where he chose a new companion, Nancy

Will loved Nancy, but was no longer “Top Bun”. He was more the groomer, than the groomee. They loved snuggling up together, even on hot days.

Will was such a character. My (adult) son often said he was giving him the “spooky” look – facing away from him, but giving him the “Big Eye” from the side. He could look furious on occasions and frequently his Devil Nethie eyes would glow red.

He was quite a healthy bunny, a couple of episodes of GI Stasis over the years, but he always recovered well.

He made Nancy look lazy as he was so active, especially when having free range time in the garden.

Towards the end of 2019, he suffered with vestibular disease – hind leg weakness and a head tilt. Will’s vet treated him with Panacur, Antibiotics and Metacam and he recovered well, although he was not as active as previously. No more zoomies or high binkies. As he was nearly 8, it was decided to keep him on the Metacam as he had arthritis in his rear legs.

Although he had slowed down a bit, he still loved being in the garden, although he tended to potter around, rather than run – he still did not particularly care for humans, unless food and treats were on offer.

In 2020, he developed sore hocks, so he was given antibiotics, flamizine cream and tramadol to be used alongside the Metacam. His hocks recovered, but the Tramadol did not really agree with him. It made him very sleepy so he came off the Tramadol.

Sadly in May 2022 he lost his great love, Nancy. The previous year, OH and I had decided we were having a break from having pets and therefore, although it went against all my beliefs, we did not look for a new partner for Will and just made sure he got lots of attention from us (he had just turned 10 when Nancy was helped to the Bridge). Not long after her passing, he lost some fur from his left leg. The vet diagnosed probable Urine Scald, but did check for mites (all clear) so prescribed antibiotics, a course of Panacur, more cream and increased his Metacam dose. I do not know which one worked but we left him for 2 weeks with my son looking after him and on our return from holiday his fur had started to grow back nicely.

The last 6 or so months of Will’s life were bittersweet for me. Finally, after 9 years, he enjoyed sitting on my lap and being stroked. He would go to sleep on me and even be handfed whilst on my lap. Best of all he would groom my arms. And when finished, he would jerk his head up, demanding that I stroke him.

In November he lost some fur again on his left leg again and the same treatment was given. Will did have a bit of weakness on his right side and he obviously could not get in the correct position to pass urine. His fur did not appear to be growing back even with the treatment.

On 6th December 2022, when I got home from work, Will was lying in his usual spot, but did not get up and come and beg for food as usual when I called him. I went to check him and he could not get up. He has had the odd wobbly moment during the last year so I helped him to stand up, but he just fell over again. I snuggled him on to my lap and hand fed him. He was eating pellets and even grooming me. I could hear his breathing was a little noisy. I tried to stand him again but he just lost balance, so I called the vets, waited for OH to get home and we took him to the vets.

Will was 10 years and 8 months old. The vet examined him – he had maintained weight but she was concerned about his breathing. He was not mouth breathing but he was breathing too fast and making squeaky noises. She said if he were to be treated he would need to be hospitalised (10 miles away at OOH). We made the heartbreaking decision to have him helped to the Bridge. Had he been a younger rabbit, or if Nancy were still here we might have tried treatment, but I think it would have been selfish on my part and I could not bear the thought of him passing on his own in unfamiliar surroundings.

So I held him in my arms and he passed. Not as peacefully as Nancy, who literally just drifted off. Oh no, Will was Devil Nethie to the end – twitching his body a little, and his nose and it seemed to take forever before his little heart stopped beating.

I know it was only because he no long had a bunny companion, but I will always cherish the last 6 months of his life, when he finally bonded with me after 9 years.

To Will, my beautiful, gorgeous, funny boy – a Nethie who lived a long life and never needed a dental.

Many pictures of my beautiful boy.


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I'm so sorry that you have now lost Will :cry: I always loved seeing pics of Will and Nancy. They both had a wonderful life :love:
That is a beautiful tribute to Will, what a special little man:love:

I had similar with my Mousey, when she was too old & wonky to re-bond she finally learnt to love me
That is a beautiful tribute to Will, what a special little man:love:

I had similar with my Mousey, when she was too old & wonky to re-bond she finally learnt to love me

Thank you for your kind words. I've just read your tribute to Mousey. What an amazing girl.:love:
Your wonderful tribute to Will makes my heart smile as tears flow.
He had a lovely life with you and Nancy.
He put a lot of living in his cute little body!