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My 12y8m rabbit eat nothing


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My rabbit is 12y8m old. He has lost his appetite since last Tuesday. He even doesnt get excited about the food.

I went to the vet and got an X-ray, and they found something on his lungs that could be inflammation or a tumor.

He had 10ml of subcutaneous fluid(lactate linger) that day, and his appetite has been getting worse since then. I do know he's really old.

He has had many times of such anorexia before because of teeth problems, GI , stasis and so on, but this is the worst. He has also lost weight from 1.8kg to almost 1.4kg. He is so weak that he stumbles and can't even walk well.

Should I force him to keep eating? Or should I make him feel as comfortable as possible? Now I'm in a huge dilemma..
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I would take him back to the Vet today for reassessment and to discuss his quality of life. It sounds as though his major organs are gradually failing and it might be kinder to allow him a peaceful passing. I am sorry that he is so weak and because you love him I am sure you will do whatever is best for him, even if that means having to let him go.
I agree that he needs a return visit to the vet.

I am sorry you have to deal with your bunny not wanting to eat. 10ml of fluids is not much for an adult bunny, so he will need fluids again if he is not drinking.. Was your bunny given anything for inflammation or pain? You mention he is stumbling. He may have a middle ear problem that causes him to lose his balance, feel ill and not want to eat. Though it may be weakness as you mentioned or neurological. Was blood work done?
Will he accept syringe feeds without a struggle?
Sometimes palliative care to keep our furry friends comfortable is appropriate.
Congratulations on getting him through his prior medical issues so he is now 12y8m old.
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