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Moving From US to UK (Scotland)


New Kit

I am moving from the United States to Glasgow, Scotland in September. I will be a student in the Veterinary Program at the University of Glasgow.

I really do not want to quarantine my rabbits. They are free roam and SPOILED and I am afraid that the stress of this could be terrible for them.
About my rabbits:
1. Male, Holland Lop, 4 years old, neutured, completely healthy
2. Female, Holland Lop, 4 years old, spayed, completely healthy

Neither of my rabbits have any vaccinations as my specialty vet says it is unnecessary due to my rabbits never going outside or anywhere. (Please note this is not in relation to moving to Scotland)

I am wanting to know what vaccinations, certificates, etc that I will need to bring them from the US to Scotland.
Preferably I am wanting them to be in the Cabin with me as I will be flying First Class most likely.
If they are not able to be in the cabin, I understand this but I truly want to do anything I can to ensure they are not going into quarantine for 4 months.

If anyone knows anything about this process PLEASE let me know as I do not know where to begin to get them moved over there.

Thank you!
Hello, I can understand your concern. I have no experience of this, but it seems this is the relevant document https://www.gov.uk/bringing-animals-into-great-britain Reading through it quickly, it does unfortunately seem to say that rabbits from the US would need to go into 4 months' quarantine. There are contact details on the document though and so maybe ask them directly.

Hopefully sillyrabbit will see your post, but if not, I would send her a PM. I'm fairly sure she has done this journey with her rabbit from the UK to the US. She will be able to advise about airline protocol.