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3 out of my four babies have had mites. i always take them to my vet & they have a course of injections 1 a week for 3 weeks or until it clears.

it generally starts as a dandruff them the fur goes round the nape of the their neck & rump. after the injections they are fine though. the mites can be spread via humans so i take care to wash all bedding litter trays etc & try not to pass on to the other rabbits.

Hope this helps as you can tell we've had quite a few instances in our house.

take care xx
My vets have started treating mites with Stronghold or Avantage as in the same stuff that they use on cats.
With very good results. Saves going backwards and forwards to the vets and having a stressed out bunny.
rngpwelfare said:
My vets have started treating mites with Stronghold or Avantage as in the same stuff that they use on cats.
Are any of those also called Zanex or Xanex? I can't remember if it is or not. We used that on Snowball but it really irritated her skin.
Are you thinking of Xenex (spelling something near this) spot-on, that you part the fur and put directly on the skin? I've used that without any ill effect, but it seems your bun was sensitive to it.